1. Knowing that Santa is coming to town soon, let's take a stroll down memory lane....Remember wanting that special toy so bad you'd kill for it??????So what were those toys that you would do absolutely ANYTHING for?
    I would have killed for Thumbulina(SP?), Tiny Tears, Betsy Wetsey, Pebbles, Chatty Cathy, Patty Playpal, Barbie of course and Poppi. I loved my dolls and received all of them at one time or another...Browsing through the JC Penney Christmas 2001 catalog on pgs 232-235? Yeah boys and girls, I'd be killin' for all of those babies. Look at the little curled toes...........How cuuuute!
    And so real looking. They never grow old and NEVER cry the blues...The best kind of babies! Check it out if you can.
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  3. by   aimeee
    I remember spending hours and hours with the dog-eared copy of the Sears Wishbook. They always had a page with those big exquisitely dressed porcelain dolls. I longed for one of those. Never got one though.

    Another thing I put on my list year after year was an Erector Set. I had portions of one that had belonged to my brother (15 years older than me) and it was missing many even though I had the booklet, it seemed that every time I would try to make something from it I was always missing one or more crucial components. I still loved to design things with it, but oh...if I had more parts...then I could have made bigger, better, creations! Never got it.

    My mother was the kind of shopper who tried to get the most for her dollar. It was dangerous to ask for a name brand something because what I often got was somebody elses knock-off of it. The near miss.

    Best present I ever got as a kid? Not a toy, but my first pair of cross country skiis at age 12. Opened up a whole new world. Still love it. A couple years later we all got new waxless skiis for Christmas and on Christmas eve we were blessed with a foot of new powder and a full moon. We popped our skiis on and shushed to my uncles house a couple miles away for our family get-together. I'll never forget the peace of skiing together that night, with the moonlight sparkling on the new snow. Silent night. Holy night.
  4. by   night owl
    i guess you guys didn't have any specific toys that you wanted as kids!
  5. by   Robin61970
    EZ Bake oven!!!!! I thought that was the coolest and when I got one I cooked everything,lol. Funny now I know it's just a lightbulb,lol.
  6. by   kaycee
    I got and loved my Lincoln Logs. I also got a Midge one year to go with my Barbie. I got a Tiny Tears and remember the doll named Tressy? You pushed a buttom in her stomach and her hair grew.My favorite one year was a Mister Ed puppet that when you pulled the string he would say "I am Mister Ed", among other things.(I guess I'm again dating myself). I also had things like Slinkys, the fortune telling eight ball,Silly Putty,Tinker Toys,The Landscape Peg Set(still have that),and all the neat games out in the sixties. Anyone remember Blockhead or Racko? It's funny how when your kids are little you try to find things that you liked as a kid. My kids are older now and all they want are computer and video games, clothes and money. It's alot more fun when the kids are small.
  7. by   CashewLPN
    okey dokey....
    well... when I was little, I wanted the christmas edition barbie-- with the beautiful dress, and the always matching shoes for those tiny little feet with no toes... and no bunions... its a wonder, with those shoes she wears...
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sears wish book was dogged ear in our house too. Had 1959 Barbies doll with the black n white bathing suit. Wanted ?Midge and Ken, was told no, I doll enough....finally in 1960's got Skipper.
    Was MADE to give my dolls to cousin 10yrs younger than me and never saw again: still have the bathing suit though along with one doll case in the attic. Got my doll house, metak with REAL door bell sound. Also had family of little dolls that you could buy a single cardboard roon to make a house. Chatty Cathy and lifesize walking doll still in closet. Betsy Wetsy worn out! along with doll carriage.

    Wanted a tiny organ---begged for three years got a little Magnus, played all the time. Wanted the real thing SO bad, would pretend that my dresser was a keyboard. Finaly getting girlsout uniform at age 12, Dad bought me a REAL organ in Sept; 4 year later graduated to theater organ and teaching beginner classes. Pretty hot stuff in those days.

    My brothers and I kept our toys in such good shape: Troll Dolls, Lincoln logs, Mighty Matilda air craft carrier, Tonka trucks, Erector set, Monopoly set, Life, Tiddely sticks, Hands down, puzzles, later Legos that our kids are playing with them.

    Wanted OUIJI board in worst way in high school , considered vodoo, never got it.
  9. by   Michelle_nurse
    I was big on Strawberry Shortcake! I had Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom & Lemon Merigne (sp?). Strawberry S got stolen at school when I was in grade 1, I never got over it. I left her in my desk, by accident and the next day I was sick so I missed school, when I came back the day after that, she was gone! I had the class looking through garbage bags to find her! I don't know what happened to the other 2 dolls. (they weren't stolen)

    I also Loved Barbie, I didn't have many..........only "Fashion Jean Barbie and Ken", "Loving You Barbie", and a "Todd", I had my moms old "Francine" doll, with brown eyes and Ginger hair.
    I REGRET it so much, cause in Junior high, (I was 12) I still played with them and I wanted to stop, so I threw them all out!!!! Including my moms "Francine" doll!!!!!!!As accessories, I had a Barbie bar bQ, a fancy pink Barbie bed, for the doll and some palominos for them to ride. My Ken dolls didn't have much clothes, so I used to tie my sock around their waist.

    I also had My Little Pony, I had only 1 Pony and a "Sea Horse" for the bath. I wanted more, and I remember this girl at school had all of them, it was a huge collection! In grade 4, I brought my 1 pony to Social Studies class, my teacher threw my pony out the window and it landed on top of a car, I was traumatized!!!

    I also had an "Annie" doll with smelley berry red hair, I loved the Cabbage Patch Kids, I only had 2, a boy and a girl. The only one that was a "real" Cabbage Patch Kid was the boy......I wanted more!!

    I seriously wanted an EZ bake oven too!!! And the whole "kitchen", funny, now I hate the kitchen and cooking! Also I wanted a girlie bedroom with all the trimings, like in the Sears catalogue:

    I mostly just wanted more Barbies, especially the ones with fancy dresses on. I always wanted a doll house for the barbies or any doll, you know.......the fully decorated and furnished houses! Some things just don't change!

    This is bring back a lot of memories!
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  10. by   night owl
    Just curious...Has anyone ever been naughty enough to receive coal for Christmas or am I the only bad one here?
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, for Christmas the year that I turned 5--which I believe was 1978--I wanted a pink bicycle with a banana seat--I got that and other toys. The thing about that Christmas was that I was very sick--so sick that I had to go to the E.R. Christams Eve.

    Other than that bicycle--there isn't a toy that sticks out in my mind that I really wanted!
  12. by   nicola
    I guess I wasn't a very girlie girl... I never wanted dolls (got some anyhow) or Barbies (got a couple of those, too), but preferred books. I remember wanting - and getting - a microscope and chemistry set. Now THAT was fun! I also had a salt water aquarium as a kid. I don't think that was a Christmas gift, tho.

    The all time greatest Christmas gift I've ever gotten was last year when my Daddy MADE me a Hansel marionette! Hansel is all wood and took Daddy about a year to make. I love this little guy and treasure him dearly!
  13. by   radnurse2001
    Oh this is going to date me big time----I wanted a SPIROGRAPH, an icee bird(shaved a bock of ice and add flavor ---slushie?)and a Dusty doll. I recieved one year for christmas--The sunshine family with van. That was cool. Never did get the icee bird though. Light-Bright was cool. weebles were neat-funny how we never thought they were dangerous? I never had the inclination to eat one, never did like eggs LOL. Does anyone remember the tree house? I can't remember if it was weebles or soething else. I did have the weeble's boat though. What a fun trip down memory lane. My funniest Christmas story--My mother hated Def Leopard. My grandmother bought me the album(yes vinyl) for Christmas. My mother was fit to be tied (devil music ya know) .

    Hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas----

  14. by   Robin61970
    I remember weebles and the treehouse..........also light bright.......those were the days when we made barbie clothes and used old kleenex boxes and stuff to make barbie furniture,lol.