Toy handcuffs and a gun

  1. Bloomer man 'arrests' motorist at gunpoint


    Frank "Bud" Prince didn't tell police what he was thinking when he picked up a pair of play handcuffs at the fair.

    But, one never knows when something like that might come in handy. The same might be said for the handgun in Prince's truck.
    Prince ended up employing both of those items after he saw a man exhibiting what he deemed to be unsafe driving habits in the city of Bloomer lately, according to a criminal complaint. Unfortunately for him, playing citizen-cops and bad drivers got Prince locked up in another pair of handcuffs - some real ones.

    Prince, 50, of 1704 5th Ave., Bloomer has been charged with disorderly conduct with use of a dangerous weapon after he allegedly attempted a citizens arrest at gunpoint and left a man handcuffed - sort of - on the side of the road.

    If convicted, Prince could be sentenced for up to 90 days in jail for the misdemeanor.

    Prince made his initial appearance in court Tuesday.

    According to the criminal complaint based on statements from Prince and the victim:

    The incident started on July 15, when Prince saw a man later identified as Richard S. Jones, 28, 1512 Main St., Bloomer, driving a sports car on Main Street. Prince told police that the driver squealed his tires at a stop sign and had his radio playing very loud. Prince followed very close behind.

    Jones said the man behind him was flashing his lights, so he pulled over by the Hardees on Highway 40 and got out of his vehicle to see what the man wanted.

    Prince pulled a gun on him, the man said. Prince asked Jones why he had his radio on so loud and why he squealed his tires. He ordered Jones to put his hands on the hood, which he did. Prince then walked Jones to the curb and made him kneel down. Prince then got a pair of handcuffs from his truck and placed them on Jones.

    Jones told police that Prince stated he was making a citizen's arrest and that he should wait there because police would be by to get him.

    Prince then took the keys from Jones' vehicle and threw them in some tall grass and left the scene.

    It turned out that the handcuffs were merely a latch kind that Prince said he got at the fair, and Jones was able to free himself. He called police. Jones did not know who the would-be arresting citizen was. But the description of the man and his truck led Bloomer police to look for Bud Prince, who later confessed to the essential facts of the case.

    Prince told police that he thought Jones had to be going 100 mph because he had to go fast to catch up with him.

    When interviewed by police, Prince giggled a lot and said Jones had angered him.
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    I liked the giggled part!!