tourist attractions in your area????

  1. Hubby and I are gettin' ready to head up to Chattanooga, so I was thinking of asking Misty-z about some of the neat things to check out there. I know about the incline, lookout mtn and the aquarium..are there others??

    Thought it'd be neat to hear of some neat places to visit..

    where are you? any neat attractions??

    here? zilch however, we do have an amusement park that is like three or four years new and going bust..anyone wanna buy it??
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  3. by   nursejws
    I'm in Dallas and a few years ago a friend came to town that had never been to Dallas. So, with that in mind, I mentally became a tourist so we could experience Dallas together. He came to town when the State Fair of Texas was here, so we spent a whole day there too.

    West End Marketplace (which isnt what it used to be)
    JFK Exhibit at the Texas Book Depository
    Reunion Tower observation deck (it's a restaurant high in the sky, and slowly spins around for every panoramic view of Dallas)
    Deep Ellum (which isn't what it used to be)

    Other things to do and see (weather/season permitting)
    Six Flags over Texas
    Water Park
    Ft Worth Stock Yards
    Dallas Zoo
    Ft Worth Zoo
    Dallas COWBOYS
    Dallas STARS
    Dallas MAVERICKS...all 3 play at the Brand NEW American Airlines Center
    Texas Rangers at the BallPark of Arlington
    Ripley's Wax Museum
    Lone Star Park (horse racing)
    Texas Motor Speedway
    The Galleria
    The Shops at Willow Bend
    A gazillion restaurants
    Mesquite Rodeo
    Traders Village
    Grapevine Mills
    Studios at Las Colinas
    Fair Park
    Dallas Museum of Art
    Symphony Hall
    Kimball(sp) Museum
    Scarborough Faire

    Okay...this is all I can think of right now. OH, can't forget about all of the ROAD construction!
  4. by   LasVegasRN
    :hatparty: LAS VEGAS, BABY!!! :hatparty:

    Even if you don't gamble, there are sooo many things here to see. The Strip itself, lit up at night is spectacular. I've been here almost 13 years now, it is still amazing to see. Overall, my favorite attraction is the fountain show at the Bellagio. Takes your breath away.
  5. by   nursejws
    LasVegasRN - do they still have the roller coaster on top of some hotel in Vegas? I've seen that on the discovery channel once and wondered if it was still up and running.
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by nursejws
    LasVegasRN - do they still have the roller coaster on top of some hotel in Vegas? I've seen that on the discovery channel once and wondered if it was still up and running.
    Yep, it's the one at the Stratosphere. Rollercoaster enthusiasts will tell you the coaster at Wild Bill's just at the state line in Primm, Nevada is the best one here. There are also rollercoasters going through casinos at the Sahara and New York New York. Many moons ago when I was 16 I would have tried them out, but unless I get an internal defibrillator I'll just be watching them! :chuckle
  7. by   KaraLea
    Here in the Texas Hill Country, we have beautiful wildflowers every spring. Also, in Brackettville, there is the movie set from John Wayne's ALAMO. Oh and don't forget the real Alamo just about a 2hr drive from here in San Antonio. Also in SA...SeaWorld, Six Flags/Fiesta Texas, and other sites.
  8. by   eltrip
    I live in Chattanooga. I can highly recommend Point Park on Lookout Mountain, The Incline Railway & Roack City. Downtown, the Aquarium is fun, as are the IMAX theater, the Chattanooga Ducks (a boat-truck hybrid that drives through downtown & into the river), & The Southern Belle Riverboat.

    As a local, I enjoy taking my 5 year-old to Coolidge Park. There are fountains that are great on hot days...picnic areas (bring a blanket), & the carousel (.50 for kids, $1 for adults). Nice shopping & restaurants in the North Chattanooga area...there's a pizza place near the park that I hear has a tasty & inexpensive baked spaghetti (generous portion, too). The Walnut Street walking bridge is free & fun. The Riverbend Festival starts on June 7th & lasts until the 15th. Lots of great music...and crowds.

    Driving up US 27 & over to the Sequatchie Valley is a lovely drive. The view when coming down into the valley is awesome!

    IMO, Chattanooga is the coolest place I've ever lived in for any length of time, and I've lived in a bunch of places!

    later ya'll!
  9. by   Whisper
    You guys seem to live in tourist friendly places, I live in Yorkshire England, so we have got a lot of touristy things, sush as the North York Moors, and the Steam railway,

    Also nursejws I don't live to far away from the real Scarbrough, (or should that be original???) Which is near to Whitby, and all the dracula sites, and Captain Cook memorials, there is Hull with the Humber bridge and the tall ships that dock there, and further in land, the Sheffield steel mines, And Doncaster for the St ledger, the national POP music museum, the national armoury at Leeds and loads more things such as the museum of film.

    I know strictly speaking, I don't live near to all these things, but I have commented on my whole region mainly because it is the size of a small American city.
  10. by   live4today
    Honolulu, Hawaii on Waikaki Beach is great!
    Paradise Island in the Bahamas - and Nassau - is great!
    Catalina Island in Long Beach, CA is great!
    Disney World and Epcot are fantastic!
    Deer Creek Park near Xenia, Ohio was great many moons ago, haven't been there in years though so don't know if it has changed for the worse (or better).

    Germany is great! Zoos anywhere are great! The Riverwalk here in SA is nice to see and stroll along. San Francisco Bay area is a great place to vacation, but I wouldn't want to live there. Pismo Beach and Carlsbad Beach are great beaches on the pacific coast of CA. to vacation at. Any Sea World is great!

    Have fun in Nashville! I love Tennessee!
  11. by   nursejws
    LOVE San Antonio and the River Walk. Moved there back in 1985, but my Mom got an offer to go back to the company she'd been with for 14 yrs (at that time) and run her own office in Dallas. I cried like a big baby when she told me we were moving to Dallas. :chuckle

    No one mentioned NYC. I've been to NY twice and love it. I could easily sit somewhere out of the way and be entertained all day. I haven't been up there since 9/11 though.
  12. by   subec

    Don't forget about Canton----the most amazing flea market in the world.
  13. by   nursejws

    I did think of Canton too, but didn't think anyone would know what the heck I was talking about. The first, and last, time I went to Canton was with my Mom right after we moved here from San Antonio in 1985. It's a day we'll never forget as we were sitting at this intersection and witnessed this little bitty car get slammed by a truck. The car goes off into this field and hits a pole or a tree. I think it was just a lady and her baby(in a car seat). The baby survived but the Mother did not, if my memory serves me correctly.

    My Mom and I were just stunned for the rest of the day and didn't enjoy our adventure at all.
  14. by   KaraLea
    I forgot about the Riverwalk, and there is an IMAX theater on the Riverwalk too. Oh, and Schlitterbahn water park is nearby too.