TOTALY frustrating computer thingy...please help

  1. OK, this is going to sound really stupid...and it IS!

    About a month ago, I was doing something, and I accidentally made my toolbar, apear on the right side of the screen, vertically, instead of the along the bottom of windows. I have tried and tried to remember what I did to no avail, have tried every option in the desktop, control panels, and settings area.

    PLease tell me, how the heck can I make it go normal again!! It has done nothing to impair my computer's operation, except that I hate it!! Any ideas??? I can "grab" only the "medial" edge of the task bar, it widens the bar, but won't pull the bar down, and can't "find" the outer or top/bottom edges to drag with, no little double arrow appears. Arrrggghh!!!
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  3. by   aimeee
    On mine I can flip the bar from horizontal to vertical and back just by clicking on the bar, holding down while dragging. I don't see any double arrows while I do this. It just works.
  4. by   nurseleigh
    Mine is the same

    Click on a blank area of the toolbar, hold, and drag to whatever side of the screen you want it (top, bottom, left, or right)

    I only know this because i did the same thing a long time ago and I had to search through my help files to figure out how to fix it.

  5. by   thisnurse
    if i try that with my toolbar, it just makes it bigger.
    i have to scroll around the middle until i see the arrows and then drag it down.
    what a pain
  6. by   hoolahan
    Thanks guys, but what happens to me is the toolbar gets wider, but I didn't try "grabbing" it from the center, when I'm on the laptop again, I'll check it out. It's windows millenium or "Me". and frankly, I am finding a LOT of bugs in the system, so maybe that is where the problem really lies.

    Happy New Year!!
  7. by   Talino
    The above suggestions are right. Clicking on the the center of the taskbar and dragging to the position you would want. But before you do this make sure you turn off the Quick launch option otherwise you will just drag it to the center and wider.

    Before you click and drag... right click on the taskbar first. Point onto Toolbars and UNCHECK Quick Launch. Now you can point and drag the taskbar.

    When you got it where you want...right click the taskbar again, point onto Toolbars and CHECK Quick Launch.

    Another way is to drag the Quick launch menu opposite the Start button (in ur case start button on right top, quick launch menu should be right bottom). But the above is simpler.

    Good luck!
  8. by   hoolahan
    YEAH!!!! It worked. Can't believe it was so easy!! I was trying to drag by the edges, but all I had to do was drag from the center of the toolbar. No wonder it was so easy to accidentally screw it up in the first place!!

    THANK YOU!!!!
  9. by   betts
    Don't think it stupid too ask a question about anything not understood;