1. I've never witnessed a real tornado here in Pennsy, but seeing them on TV they look mighty scarey. Has anyone ever had to "take cover" because of one? And what thoughts went through your mind while waiting it out?
    Scarey stuff indeed. We had something close to one once. I opened my front door to look outside, and the door flew open so hard that it almost came off the hinges. Sounded like a freight train was coming through. I ran upstairs and grabbed my 5 month old out of her crib and my 4 y/o son and ran to the basement. My husband was at school and I was almost in shock I was so scared. I couldn't imagine being in a real one.
    I turned on the weather channel this evening and Abernathy was saying, "If you live in this area, you need to seek shelter immediately!" I'm thinking those poor, poor people and said a prayer for them...I think it was in Texas somewhere. I do know one thing, I'd never live in "Tornado Alley!"
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  3. by   kmchugh
    I live in Kansas, so am pretty used to three to five "tornado warnings" (a tornado has touched down in the vicinity), plus lots of "tornado watches" (conditions are ripe for tornado formation) every year. Yeah, they can be pretty frightening. However, I know what to do for a tornado. Went through a "mild" earthquake while in California in the military. I swore if it happened again, I was going to Cleveland.

    Kevin McHugh
    No offense Night Owl, but I hope this thread dies a quick death.

    During high school we had a pretty bad one fairly close to us. I couldn't see it, but I could hear it, and it was a low, terrible sound. That tornado took out a local high school.

    I am absolutely terrified of tornadoes. I have nightmares about them on a fairly regular basis (about once a month). I've been through my share of watches, even a few warnings, but have never actually seen one. I like it that way.

    It is a requirement of any place of residence I live in that it MUST have a basement!

  5. by   Jenny P
    Been through 3 "mild" tornadoes (where the tornadoes either jumped over my house (or work!) or hit a block away) and I don't think they are nearly as scarey as an earthquake! Been through 2 of those, and don't ever want to do that again! I believe in TERRA FIRMA, and when the ground shakes and wiggles, it doesn't feel very firm!
  6. by   mattsmom81
    My son saw his first tornado tonite here in Fort Worth...he watched it tear up a golf course as he drove home from work...he said it was 'cool' and he wants to be a storm chaser...LOL!

    They're flying around us but not the large really dangerous ones (like Jarrell, Tx. several years ago where the whole town was destroyed). So far nobody has been hurt that I've heard of. Sirens are going off now. Some messes left to clean up, some roofs torn off....we are fairly tornado savvy here in tornado alley and this time of the year we keep a close eye out for 'em.

    Out west of us is a lot more dangerous...I wouldn't live out there unless I had a storm cellar. And NO WAY would I live in an earthquake zone...
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  7. by   nursedawn67
    Been through a "high wind"....that's what some tried to call it...but officials said it was a tornado that was bouncing. We had no warning other then it looked icky out...we just saw the wind pick up and a tree go past my window and that was all it took we ran for the hallway! During it all the telephone was my brother warning me he had heard there was a tornado heading my way...I said, "i's in my back yard!! Call you later!" The house had minimal damage...thank god, and none of us was hubby had been outside through it all!
  8. by   live4today
    We're having tornadoes here in Texas as I write this. Our county was just taken off the list for being under a Severe Tornado Warning! I've never been in one, but if it's anything as dangerous as Hurricane Hugo was, I don't want to see a Tornado. We are now under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, so I put the car in the garage, closed all the blinds in the house to keep as much lightening out as possible, and am going to shut down my computer for the night just in case something happens during the night. Prayers of safety would be much appreciated ya'll!
  9. by   night owl
    Actually, I'm with your son. I don't want to be a storm chaser, but There are tours you can take with the storm chasers for those who want to see real live tornados and chase them! As scarey as they can be, I'd love to chase just one as long as it doesn't decide to chase me! It's the adrenaline rush. I'd pray the whole time, but I'd still would love to see a real tornado instead of watching them on TV. Now Earthquakes are a different story...No thanks. So why do people keep going back to these places that are prone to these kinds of disasters? Once my house is taken out by a tornado, or an earthquake, or fire like the ones in California, or even landslides, I'm sorry, but I'm out of there! Why stick around for more?
  10. by   st4304
    Have actually seen or been around 4 tornadoes in my life: once as a kid in the 60's (I'm from Indiana where Easter Sunday 1969? I think? tornadoes killed over a hundred people that day and all I remember before heading down to the cellar was the sky was as green as a bright green apple), once in Panama City, Fla 2 yrs ago from my 7th floor hotel balcony, and twice while driving rural Indiana roads to get the heck away from Dodge! However, I am not really afraid of them but I always play it safe and head to the basement -- especially if the sky turns green and I hear a train coming!

    OBNURSEHEATHER-- I, too, dream quite frequently of tornadoes! I usually can't get away from them because there are usually hundreds of them coming towards me, always at a distance, but I feel as though I can't get away from them! I had a friend read a book once on dream interpretations and she says when you dream of tornadoes, there is something in your life that is causing you stress or your life is in an upheaval and you feel helpless and vulnerable. I agree that seems to correlate with my life! Of course, since I have wrote this, I am sure I will dream about them tonight!

    Pleasant dreams everyone!
  11. by   Sisu
    Hi there,

    In my previous life as an IS/IT consultant I experienced watching tunnel clouds come within ten miles of my hotel. I was in Omaha at the time and the local stations carried current information...for surrounding towns/counties. I called the consierge at the hotel and was informed that if we were in danger that we would be called to a cental meeting point...the dining room. I guess if we were 'going down' at least we would be well fed...

    I too have have had tornado nightmares since that time, not easy to reconcile/or get over...

    Sweet Dreams,

  12. by   kids
    We used to live in Oklahoma and have had to sit in the cellar a few times. Noisy and creaky and your ears pop.

    Moved back home to Washington in March 1999. We have friends in Moore and the outskirts of OKC who lost every thing in May '99.

    Yes, we plan to move back 'someday'.
  13. by   pkmom
    Hey kids...i just moved to Moore from Dallas and I live in a brand new house because of that May 3rd flattened this entire neighborhood!

    We don't have a cellar right now, but a neighbor a few houses away opens his fence during severe weather for all to enter. Just a few months after we moved in there came a storm that the weather man said mimicked the May 3rd storm exactly...remember how I got my new house. The alarms went off and we hid out in the bathroom, but nothing touched down thankfully.

    It is spring and I live in the center of tornado alley...I'm nervous.
  14. by   live4today
    I love California soooooooooooo darn much, that I always thought when I was living there that an Earthquake would happen and send me floating out to sea somewhere. Then, I would have dreams of Earthquakes happening where I would end up on an Island living in my own little beach pad with the most gorgeous man in America -- whoever that might be, then maybe an Earthquake experience wouldn't be so terribly bad afterall! :chuckle BUT, then I wake up! Dreaming is sooooo much better than living the real thing, aint it? :chuckle