Top 10 Self-Created Pet names for Certain People you Have Encountered?

  1. I have the following:

    1. Jeremiah Jones for my now deceased husband which I also have created the name hasbend due to the stunts they have pulled.

    2. Baracuda (I borrowed this one from a friend because I liked it) for a grouchy pharmacist I no longer deal with

    3. Straight poopers for state troopers (Just a funny)

    4. Ellie Mae for my granddaughter Jade because she's all girl, but is tough and walks like a football player

    5. Calamaty Jane for my younger sister because she always got herself into such messes all the time.

    6. Robinsky Peekie - weekie Ungerman for my niece Robin, because I want her to remember me

    7. Sarahbelle for my cousin Sarah because it just fits her. She's a slow talking, easy going country gal from the sticks.

    8. PBW (Professional Butt Wiper degree for a CNA certification.

    9. Mrs. Viscious (real name Mrs Vischer)for a teacher I had when I was in the 3rd grade, because she was constantly keeping me in the hall with her during lunch for punishment. For what, I don't even remember to this day.

    10. DR Grunt for DR Grund our family doctor who was also a drug pusher, and got my mother hooked on pain killers.