1. I'm in real big pain....I have a really bad tooth ache. I think I may have to have a root canal (sp?) done. The only way I will let a dentist do any type of surgery on my mouth is if they knock me out, and I know my dentist won't. So I have to call around for a new dentist. (I've always hated my dentist anyhow).

    Do you have any home remedies for a tooth ache? I heard of some leaf thing you can put on the spot?? Right now I'm using Sensodyne tooth paste. I hope that can hold me over until I find a dentist. But, my last ache brought me to tears a while ago...

    Any ideas???? I'll do anything!!!
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  3. by   MollyMo
    You could try gargling with peroxide and then rinse well with water. Or instead of brushing with the Sensodyne just rub a little on the sore spot. If you need root canal I don't know anything that will help other than having it done. Sorry.
  4. by   Jenny P
    Kristi, you are a beautiful girl; get your butt into the dentist and keep those pearly whiites in tip top condition! You can't diagnose the need for a root canal without the x-rays, etc. You may have an impacted wisdom tooth, a cavity, or even a sinus infection (I seriously can't tell if I have a tooth ache or a sinus infection because of the large size of both my tooth roots and my sinuses).

    I'm amazed with the number of young people who don't take care of their teeth these days! Anyone else notice that? My own kids would prefer death to a dental visit-- where did I go wrong???
  5. by   ptnurse
    Take anti-inflamatories (sp). The pain is from swelling and the motrin/advil will help. I used to work for an endodontist (that is what they call the dentist that specializes in root canals). Root canals are not that bad. Had my first last month. They just get your mouth numb like they do for a filling and you don't feel a thing. Now they do a root canal in one visit. Back when I worked in the endodonist office it at least 2 visits and usually 3. Be sure to find that new dentist soon. If the root of that tooth is abcessed it is only going to get worse. Hope you feel better soon.
  6. by   kristi915
    It's starting to hurt again. This peircing throbbing pain....I had a cavity in it that was there for a year, it got pretty big. My dentist said that I may have to have a root canal if it bothers me. Well, it bothered me, anything cold or hot hurt that tooth. But I didn't say anything, and my mom said I was fine and that would happen.

    I don't want just novicane...I want to be put to sleep. Those are my wishes and any good dentist would follow them. I have had terrible experience w/ dentists my entire child hood. I had a root canal done a loooong time ago when I was little, my mouth was crowded....I had a lot of problems w/ my mouth and teeth when i was little. Carted from one dentist to another, pain to even more pain.

    So I do have a big fear of going to the dentist. I would rather eat raw liver........I don't like my dentist, we've gone to him for a long time, he's a puke, in my mom will change dentists...I need a nice one that will respect my wishes. It's more money for them anyhow to knock me out......the advil did help, but I am getting more pain again.......i think I will take another so i can sleep tonight...

    Nighty...thanks for your help and input.
  7. by   Mkue
    Hi Kristi ! I hope you get some relief SOON !! Toothaches ..ouch..
  8. by   boggle
    So many of the dentists in this area advertise that they cater to cowards....Hey I don't mind being called a coward when it comes to doing painful type things to my teeth....just don't want to feel it!

    Call an office of two, tell them you are in PAIN and you have had bad experiences in the past, frightening experiences. You often can pick up the tone or attitude of a dental practice just by how they support you on the phone!

    I bet you could ask any stranger in your community about their opinion of dentist and you would get everyone within earshot giving you recommendations!

    Actually found my kids pediatrician that way a few years back. I just approached a group of friendly looking moms with a crowd of kids around the, and said... "excuse me, just moved here, need a doc for the kids, are you satisfied with yours?"

    I got plenty of info about who to go to, and most important, who not to go to and why!

    I hope you find a dentist that you are comfortable with. Just don't search too long, Dental pain often means infection, and dental infections can cause big problems with other body systems.

    hope you are feeling better soon!!!
  9. by   boggle
    oops!! that should read, "call an office OR two". !!
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GET to a DENTIST ASAP my could be infected in the canal, and hon, that affects overall health, not just your mouth. Root canals are not too bad; I had to have two 6 mo ago.....what RELIEF actually. I am pathologically fearful of dentistry but since finding a gentle and understanding dentist who does not think me insane and gives me plenty of nitrous, I do fine now. GO GO GO! NO cure for what is going on but proper dentistry hon. Don't risk illness over this! GOOD LUCK to you!
  11. by   Mkue
    Kristi, how is the Toothache today?
  12. by   sunnygirl272 are you and your teeth? still intact?
  13. by   BadBird
    Don't put it off, I had horrible toothache last year, radiated down my neck and into my jaw. I had a root canal with novocaine and it was a godsend, no pain after but a lot of suffering before. I wouldn't hesitate to have another if I needed one only this time I wouldn't put it off so long, why suffer ?
  14. by   kristi915
    It's not really that bad now. It's more like an off and on pain. It started to hurt this morning when I was in the tanning booth. But it feels ok now. I'm afraid to eat anything though. If I do I will chew on the opposite side. And take advil every 6 hours....

    Thanks for the concern. I will be calling around today.