too spoiled

  1. my chihuahua has gotten so she won't jump on the stools i have stacked up for her to get in the bed easily unless i have the light on. i make sure she is in the bed before i go to sleep but she gets down for multiple reasons and then comes and barks at the foot of the stool until i turn the light on for her. i think something must have traumatized her as this is a new behavior after 2 years. either that or she just wants to prove that she has control over me. she loves to rule me.
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    Isn't it strange how our pets take control?? ....and so, so quickly. I don't own the cat, the cat owns me.
  4. by   aimeee
    Oh yeah! One of my cats insists on drinking from a running faucet. So I turn on the bathroom sink. A few minutes later she is back, now badgering me to turn on the tub faucet instead! Sheesh. The other day I had the newspaper spread out and the male cat sat in the middle of it. I pushed him out of the way. He came back. Pushed him away again. He came back and bit my hand (gently). This is very atypical behavior as he is normally quite aloof. I checked, and sure enough, the food bowl was empty. He was trying to get some service!
  5. by   ucavalpn
    my cat must have ice water or she won't drink it .
    don't you just love'm .
  6. by   duckie
    Is it possible that she has fallen in the past and is now afraid? Or perhaps jumping is causing her pain in some way?? Critters are funny to be sure, they train us as much as we train them!
  7. by   Ted
    Pets sure do train us!!!

    Our happy little 130 pound dog, "Bubbles" loves being petted . . . for hours!! And if you stop, the big, heavy, "pet me" paw will come at you!!

    So I'm well trained . . .

    . . . oh hi, Bubbles, do you want to be petted behind the chin, under your ears, or on you belly this time????

    Ted Fiebke
  8. by   donmurray
    You're all kidding, right? It's spelled D.O.G. not G.O.D.!
  9. by   tiger
    hey don murray. it's spelled l.o.v.e. (unconditional) and they deserve all the pampering you can give them. don't you love animals???
  10. by   duckie
    Originally posted by janetl
    hey don murray. it's spelled l.o.v.e. (unconditional) and they deserve all the pampering you can give them. don't you love animals???

  11. by   BBnurse34
    A question... My cat, a generally nice pet, after 6 years of appropriate potty habits, has decided that the best place to pee is in the middle of my waterbed. We keep her kitty box clean and give her lots of attention. My husband now hates the cat (fortunately for the cat, she has been around longer What is her problem?
  12. by   donmurray
    Maybe I'm odd in this company, but I prefer my own species first. Yes, I enjoy the company of animals, but draw the line at sharing my bed with them. In their place, they are ok. You have to keep a sense of proportion.
  13. by   KC CHICK
    donmurray, i also like my species - don't get me wrong. however, my cat has been with me for 16 years.

    i got her when i was only 12 years old. she has been with me through gradeschool, jr high, and high school. through puberty and teenage years (rebellion and bad choices). through my parents' divorce, and mom's remarriage- and divorce- and remarriage. through my indecisiveness about school,and many different jobs until - i decided on nursing school. through too many apartments to count and really crummy boyfriends.
    16 years - and she's still going strong. it's very easy to become so attached to an animal, especially if they have been a constant source of unconditional love for so many years.

    when i met my fiance last year, she had a very difficult time accepting him. she has changed her mind about him--- he now loves her just as much as i do.

    what can i say??? she has me wrapped around her little paws.

    p.s. this isn't a picture of her, but she looks just like this kitty. named her when i was in 6th grade - princess.
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  14. by   bagladyrn
    BBnurse- have your cat checked for a UTI. I've found that to be the problem in the past when an otherwise well behaved cat begins peeing outside the box. (other times I'm convinced they're just spiteful)