Too old to be a child of the 70's

  1. I was reading the thread about children of the 70's, and I was thinking that pretty much was me. Untill I realized that I actually got married in 1972. I guess that puts me out of the "child" category - at least officially.

    So here are some things that I remember. I know there are a few people here as old as I am.... Can you add to it?

    From the 50's-60's (but not completely chronologically)

    Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room - where the kids were doo-bees ("I always do what's right, I never do anything wrong. Because I'm a Romper Room Do-Bee, a do-bee all day long."

    Coyboy Bob and whatever is the name of that stupid puppet. They had the peanut gallery. I guess being old enough to have seen this show makes it hard to remember the name of the stupid puppet.

    Mums didn't work, in general. People didn't often have two cars or two televisions or even two phones.

    Having live-in help in the house. This wasn't such a big deal in the olden days.

    Getting dressed up for church. Women wore hats and gloves, and we got dressed up to go shopping (downtown) and for air travel (Very special)

    Block parties for the kids and "Hey, let's put on a show."

    Health screenings in school (in public!) they would never allow now-a-days. The school nurse would weigh and measure and other "invasive" things and yell the results to the secretary, who was writing it all down. Also they gave polio shots and smallpox vaccinations at school.

    Duck and cover practices and Civil Defense Drills.

    Savings stamps. You brought your pennies to school and bought stamps. I don't think they even have these now - it was some government thing like savings bonds now-a-days, only for kids.

    OOOoooh - Green stamps and some other kind of stamp. The cashier would give you a strip of stamps or a page of stamps every time you went to the grocery store. You'd save them up in books and could redeem them for cool things. This hardly ever happened, in my experience. You just saved them in a box and didn't do anything with them. If you had millions of stamps you could buy a Buick!

    Thinking it was pretty cool when the flag got 2 new stars. Hawaii and Alaska weren't states when I started elementary school.

    The sun was our friend. Everybody started out the summer holiday from school with a major sunburn.

    Up until the early 60's it seems like kids and their parents listened to and liked the same kind of music. But maybe that was just my family.

    Televisions and telephones both had dials. Some telephones were on party lines. One place we lived private lines weren't available. Picking up the phone when somebody else was on it was just the most terribly embarrassing incident for me. Some of my early childhood friends' families didn't have television.

    Politics split families when Nixon ran against Kennedy. Seems like the dads were in favor of Nixon and the mums were in favor of Kennedy. I remember some kids asking who I was voting for, and I had to point out that I was 7 years old and not allowed to vote yet. Duhhh, I think maybe they were asking who I was in favor of?

    Hippies!!! What a happy time in the history of the world. Not all of us were stoners, but you'd never know that. Peace and love, Man! Music started making more difference in the world in the 60's, I think. I don't think that Sinatra for example (great though he was) defined and drove changes to society the way the Beatles for example did.

    What's-his-name came up with the phrase "15 minutes of fame" which I think is one of the most important concepts in modern history. (Oh DRAT this old-timers disease! I can see his face but I can't remember his name!)

    I remember sit-ins and love-ins and some of them were silly and some of them were deadly important. I remember marches and speeches and that horrible, sinking feeling from realizing that we (teenagers) were right and they (adults) were wrong and THEY were in charge. "Don't trust anybody over 30." I remember one summer when it felt like teenagers were in open season.

    And I remember, in the 80's, when I was working at the Country Music Association. I was OLD compared to most of those people. In my 30's and I had a hubby and kids and my father lived with me and I was just so hopelessly domestic. But I could secretly smile and feel sorry for the early-20's people with their big jobs and fast cars and money and 20 year old bodies and lifestyles... BECAUSE I REMEMBER THE SUMMER OF 1967 AND THEY DON'T!

    Not having great judgment in some ways. I'd heard about Woodstock, but I didn't want to go, because I hated camping. Go figure - I missed out on history in the making. Lots of my friends went, including one of the docs I worked with for years.

    I played the widow of the planet (very convincingly, too) in the very first "earth day."

    That's what I remember (right now). I'll bet others my age remember a lot more.


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  3. by   Mkue
    I remember dressing UP for church .. hat, gloves, patent leather shoes and all, my how things have changed.
  4. by   fab4fan
    Dennie: Andy Warhol coined the phrase "fifteen minutes of fame."

    And thank you so very much for putting that awful "Romper Room" song back into my brain...I'm going to have to go listen to the "White Album" just to exorcise it from my mind.
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    Dads still ruled the tv with their remote control...But the remote control was US!
  6. by   bagladyrn
    Dennie - I'm glad you posted this - I was starting to feel lonely!
    How about - the milkman delivering milk to the box on the porch, grandmom giving me a dime to go down on the avenue to the penny candy store (and it really was), waiting to hear the Good Humor man coming down the street, the first time I saw a color tv,hula hoops (never could do that thing!). Streetcars. Teen years - omigod - the memories coming back - all the good bands - DC during the May Day protests, lots of memories I'm not going to post on a public forum..... just glad I grew up when I did!
  7. by   Mkue
    Saturday Night Live with John Belushi !!! Everyone I knew watched SNL back then.
  8. by   Mkue
    Weren't most gas stations Full Service back then? They checked oil and washed windshield.
  9. by   c.wicks
    And don't forget starched slips! Stiff as a board and most uncomfortable. Only boys wore pants to school. Penny loafers. Mini skirts. The Board of Education was a two foot piece of lumber (a flat bat) issued to all teachers along with the traditional educational tools.
  10. by   tiger
    i remember the dress code at school when i was in elementary. we had to wear DRESSES. down to the knee or something close. i always wore my shorts underneath for recess time. and the boys hair had to be above the ear and not touching the collar. the dress code was relaxed some by the time i got to junior high though. back then no one even thought about piercings and such. except for the girls could have earrings. anyone else remember dress codes from school?
  11. by   Rustyhammer
    Nobody wore seat belts because cars didn't have them.
    For years the kids place to ride was in the back of the truck.
    All men wore hats.
    My mom bought meat from the butcher shop, produce at the farmers mkt.
    Shoes were bought at the shoe store and dresses at the dress shop etc...
    You didn't need a fishing license.
    When you needed to get firewood there was no pernit required.
    You needed a "churchkey" to drink beer.
  12. by   tiger
    i remember the party line too. but we (as kids) listened in. and i very well remember "being" the remote
  13. by   Mkue
    Low Beer and High Beer
  14. by   tiger
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    Nobody wore seat belts because cars didn't have them.
    For years the kids place to ride was in the back of the truck.

    we rode in the back of the truck, sometimes pulling the gooseneck trailer, with both us kids and the dogs dodging it as we turned corners. we also rode in the horse trailer, or sometimes just hanging from the side of it. it was great fun though.