1. i just had to say, all i could think at the beginning of the night was this:

    "oh boy a typical friday night, work work work, then to one of the nearer bars to hang out a bit and go home and to bed."

    well i have to say, it seems many of us come here to *****, i know i have in the past.
    well tonight, just sayin i had an awesome time after work, and thanks to my friends from work, the local police, fire depts, ect etc! :d i had a great night!
    we got a bit out of hand and crazy, and not a worry in the world some idiot would ruin it! :d
    hope you all have a good weekend!
    i know i will!
    i have my kids tomorrow, plans for tomorrow night, and volley ball sunday a.m, and a football draft (yes it's that time of year again) sunday night!!!!!! :d


    p.s. - all this despite the rain!ick!
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Rick, you had a decent night tonight in spite of the full moon? I'm sitting here at my puter and there is this awsome full moon smiling down at me through the window above my head! It's been cloudy and rainy here for several days, now I see the moon!
  4. by   Jenny P
    OOOPPS!!! forgot to say "HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!"
  5. by   aimeee
    Hey, its great to hear that you had a good night and are looking forward to a good weekend!

    The rain and ick is still here today so I'm going to take advantage of it by working on reclaiming my house. I know its here somewhere in the midst of all this chaos. :chuckle
  6. by   Lausana
    A good night in the ER :chuckle

    Have a great day with the kids!

    I'm off to a Pet Adoption I may come home with a carload Have a great weekend everyone
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    have a great weekend!
  8. by   live4today glad you had a great time! Enjoy the day with your kids, and the remainder of your weekend all sounds like fun, too.

    Everyone....have a great weekend! :kiss :hatparty:
  9. by   JailRN
    at least the weather here is great! But I'm stuck in jail both days-off Monday.

    Hope everybody has a prosperous weekend.
  10. by   misti_z
    Have a great weekend Rick!!!!!!

    Glad to hear about your Friday.

  11. by   nursedawn67
    I hope its a good weekend because I have to work tonight, tomorrow and monday nights! Enjoy ya'll!!
  12. by   micro
    ditto to all of the above.........