Tomorrow I think I will...

  1. get out of bed and wrap my blanket around me and walk downstairs with it. When I am sufficiently warm, I will drop it wherever I am and step over it.

    I will then go eat my breakfast. I will choose to have toast, but will change my mind and leave the 2 pieces of bread out and go get a bowl for cereal. I will leave the milk and cereal out. I will break the house rules and eat my cereal in the living room and then leave the empty bowl on the floor by my chair. I will kick the spoon across the room on accident, but will not go pick it up.

    I will proceed to the bathroom where I will spill a dime size amount of toothpaste on the sink. I will not clean it up and I will not rinse the sink after I spit my toothpaste out. I will then get dressed in the bathroom, dropping my clothes on the floor, ignoring the laundry basket that is 2 ft from me. I will take the brush out of the drawer and walk into the living room or to my bedroom and will brush my hair there. I will leave the brush wherever it lands.

    I will leave for school. When I come back, I will not take my coat and shoes off in the mud room but will walk into the kitchen or living room and take off my coat. I will drop it. I will walk a little further and take off my shoes, leaving them there. I will then empty out my backback and shove papers on my desk to be sorted instead of in the neat little box that is clearly labeled for my papers. I will open the mail and I will leave the junkmail and envelopes on top of the desk, ignoring the trashcan under the desk, right next to my feet. I will forget to file the bills into the proper box, within arms reach of me. I will turn to my husband and ask 2 questions... "What's for supper?", and "What have you done all day?"

    When it is supper time, I will be nice and eat at the kitchen table but I will NOT put my dishes in the sink after I am done. I will get 3 different cups to drink out of and I will leave them all over the house. I may have to get another one because I can't find the others.

    Then it will be playtime. I will take Abby's 15 Barbie dolls out of her room without asking her and I will spread them across the floor. When I am tired of them, I will move on to Caleb's toys. I will play Ben's gameboy, leave it on the couch and won't be able to find it later. I will then blame Abby and Rachel for losing it.

    When the children ask me to clean up and do my chores I will act outraged and complain that it is not fair and why do I have to do chores anyway? I will do the chores but I will shove some of the toys and trash under the couch and IN the couch so that I don't have to do it all. I hope I don't get caught.

    After I finish my chores and my homework , I will take my folded laundry upstairs to my room and put them on top of my dresser. There is nothing wrong with the drawers. I just don't want to put the clothes in there. I will ignore all the cd's that are spread across my floor. I will step over the books and paper to get out the door.

    When it is time for bed, I will go upstairs and change into my pj's, leaving my clothes on the floor, just a few feet from the laundry basket. I will then proceed to get into my bed but realize that there is too much stuff on it, so I will make myself a makeshift bed on the floor and sleep there.

    The next day, I will start it all over again.

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    rofl whatever works for you! I got a real chuckle out of your clever post. Thank you!
  4. by   lil' girl
    Lisa do you live at my house?????
  5. by   weetziebat
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    Mother simply packs her bags and takes some money out of her account and goes for a nice vaccation whenever Father or brother don't behave well enough.

    You'll notice that I left myself out - that's because I never get complined about. Infact, whenever she gets too stressed and plain pissed at the way the family treats her like an unpaid servant-maid, she packs her bags and invites me to come along... like she did this summer...
  7. by   Tweety
    Sounds like a plan! LOL
  8. by   barefootlady
    Actually get up, get dressed, and get out of the house for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Being sick has driven me nuts in more ways than one!
  9. by   leslie :-D
    remain in la-la land, one way ticket.
  10. by   lisamc1RN
    Heh heh. Thanks for laughing with me everyone. I figured I should either laugh or cry about it, so... :chuckle I know my family would totally have a cow if I woke tomorrow and did these things. But I might print this off and have them read it to me. I wonder if they will see themselves in it or not? :uhoh21:
  11. by   dianah
    I have told my boys (especially the youngest): "I am anxious for you to be old enuf to get your own place, cuz then you'll see who REALLY messes the place up, and, more importantly, who CLEANS IT UP!!" They're only 13 and 15, so we have a little time yet together . . .
  12. by   RainDreamer
    Oh Lisa that was a great read!

    While reading it though I felt pretty dang guilty :imbar I used to do stuff like this all the time and didn't really realize how much trouble it all was for my mom until I moved out here to go to school a few years ago. Me and my sisters would just get so annoyed with having to do chores "why must we even do chores?" And then to clean my room, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Yep, I'd shove stuff under the bed, in the closets, in my drawers, anywhere to get it hidden! And the toothpaste, I remember many times I'd drop some on the side of the sink and just leave it there, oops. Who cleans that up?! I feel so bad that I did that stuff, and when I moved here on my own I realized that toothpaste will remain on the sink unless I clean it up! I really took my mom for granted and put her through so much, yet she still loves me, what a great woman.

    God Bless all you (((((moms)))))
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  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    Even though I've raised four children, I have yet to figure out why these middle-aged eyes, which require glasses in order to function, can see a dog turd all the way down the hall while my sons (both of whom have 20/20 vision) couldn't find it if they fell in it.

    I have yet to appreciate the logic of the child who left me the note on the kitchen bulletin board that greeted me after working a 12-hour night shift: "One of the cats threw up in the den, but I didn't clean it up because I didn't see it."

    I have yet to understand how perfectly normal, healthy people can just walk over, around, or past a Kleenex that has been thrown carelessly on the floor, and NOT take half a second to pick it up and deposit it in the trash can.

    I have yet to discover why I am the only person in this big house full of grown or almost-grown human beings who is capable of a) turning out the lights when leaving a room, b) wiping off the kitchen counter when something is spilled, c) cleaning a bathroom, d) de-cluttering the living room, or e) remembering to take the dog out to pee before leaving for the day.

    I also have yet to learn why I am the only person who is bothered by all of this........... :chuckle
  14. by   unknown99
    I have searched my house for the hidden camera that you must have put here!!!
    This describes my home so well!!!!