toilet monster

  1. have you guys ever lost anything accidentally down the toilet, or worse had to fish something out? at my job our manager had decided to keep the med room door locked and so she had four keys made up. each was attached to a little clasp. well, i had one so i hooked it onto the waist of my pants. anyway, i went to the toilet and just as i leaned over and flushed the darn key fell off and was sucked up by this powerful toilet. i couldn't do anything but watch it go, it happened so fast. then i had to go tell my manager that i flushed the key down the toilet. luckily, i had a very nice boss at the time. we had a good laugh about it. anybody else have a toilet story? :imbar :chuckle :chuckle
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  3. by   dianah
    I took care of a post-CABG pt with a sternum infection who happened to be allergic to most antibiotics (this was in the early 80's). So he was in iso: gown, mask, glove to go into room, disposable trays, nothing goes out of room, etc. . . . I brought him his breakfast tray and found out he was in a foul mood: he picked at his tray, poking at the thick slice of french toast. "What's THIS?" Me: "Hmm, the menu says it's french toast . . ." Him: "FRENCH TOAST??? THAT'S french toast??? No way am I gonna eat that!" Me: "Well, here's some of the cereal your wife left you, how about that?" So I settle him in, tidy up a bit, take the tray into the bathroom to flush all food down toilet. WHOOSH!!! Down goes that thick slice of french toast. No, wait - - - here it comes up again, circling as the water level rises. Didn't quite go down. Oh well, maybe it needs to get good n' waterlogged, so I leave it for a few more minutes, then go back and flush again. WHOOOOOSHHHHH!! Down it circles, hangs at the very bottom, then slowly circles upward as the water level rises . . . and stays there, floating and slowly circling at the top of the toilet. By now I'm in hysterics (WHAT am I gonna DO with this french toast????) and I pop my head out of the bathroom, giggling, "You know, the toilet doesn't even want this french toast!!" Then I get this brilliant idea. It must be too big to go down (I AM a GENIUS!!) so I grab the fork and knife from the trash and lean over the toilet sawing away at the recalcitrant french toast: gown, gloves, mask and all. And I fervently hope and pray the housekeeper or the pts' MD DON'T come through that door and see me hunched over cutting up the french toast in the toilet!!!

    That's my toilet story. I do still like french toast too . . .
  4. by   ptnurse
    Tiger, my nurse manager had the same experience you had a few years ago. Only as she started to flush the toliet, her hospital pager slipped off her waistband and down the toliet it went.
  5. by   adrienurse
    Are you kidding! I'm the world's biggest klutz.