Toddler Dies After Eight Hours in Hot Car...

  1. Toddler Dies After Eight Hours in Hot Car

    PARK CITY, Kan. (AP) - A 22-month-old girl died after being left all day in 100-degree temperatures in a sport utility vehicle her family had agreed to lend to relatives, authorities said.

    Alyssa Dillman and her 4-year-old brother were dropped off by their father Monday morning at an uncle's house. He then drove away in another vehicle without notifying the uncle, said Sedgwick County Sheriff's Maj. Jackie Stuart.

    Stuart said the boy left the car and went inside his uncle's mobile home. When asked where his sister was, the boy said she was ``sleeping,'' Stuart said. Stuart said the family apparently assumed the girl had stayed at home.

    Alyssa was not found until 5:30 p.m., when her mother returned to pick the children up. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    The high temperature that day was 109 degrees. After caring for the toddler, authorities measured the temperature inside the vehicle at 142 degrees.

    No charges were filed.

    Maybe I misinterpreted the news story but WHY didn't the father take the children INTO the uncle's home??!!!!!
    Its not as if they are 10 years old and are independent! Apparently he expected the 22 MONTH OLD to just get herself out of the car-SUV, which is a bit high off the ground for her little legs, and scurry into the home. And to NOT EVEN tell the uncle, "Hey,We're here. I'm dropping off the kids."

    Every time I read these articles or hear about them on the news....Words cannot describe how upset I get!!!!
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  3. by   live4today
    I'm shocked! You mean the father isn't going to be charged? How can that be? He was the one at fault for leaving the kids parked in a hot car and not notifying the relatives the kids were there. For pete's sake! Sooooooooo unfair! That dad needs to be charged with that little girl's murder...PERIOD!
  4. by   KevinN
    It's like I have always said, not everyone should be allowed to have children. Maybe people wanting to have children should have to obtain some type of license that shows that they are competent enough to care for them.

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  5. by   pkmom
    Nothing makes me more angry than to hear stories like this. that lazy, good for nothing sob should be held responsible. argh.
  6. by   iliel
    For some reason, this become a headliner on almost a monthly basis out here. Some people have been charged, others have not. There are some kids at a local high school with the help of a local tech company that are creating a baby alarm. It works like this: if you have a baby in a car seat, there is pressure pad under the baby. There is a keychain alarm on your keys, if you walk 10(?) feet from the car, the alarm on your keychain will sound.

    Now tell me, why did it take high school students to come up with this? What is so important that you have to leave a child in the car? (Last summer a tourist left his son in a car while he decided to go into a strip club! Makes me sick.)

    Another thing, think about how hot it gets in a car. On the news they do a car temp reading so people know, it was 114 here yesterday and the car temp was 164!
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  7. by   nursee
    Hearing this stuff makes me feel ill. I don't like sitting outside in a hot car. I hate to imagine how much this baby suffered. Unfortunately some people have the mindset that "it's okay". My mother in law actually told my husband and I that it was okay to drive around the block until our kids where asleep and leave them in the car while we went to a party at her house. Umm, okay. Not going to happen. It's scary that she even had 4 kids.
  8. by   Katnip
    This is horrible. I can't even imagine what the father was thinking.

    We just got back from Disney World where it was in the upper 90s everyday, and I overheard a security guard say he happened to see a couple locking their kids in the car of the parking lot because they wanted to spend the day with "just the two of us."

    It was lucky the guard happened by when he did.

    It really is appalling how careless people can be.
  9. by   echo*echo
    This is tragic, and even more tragic because it has become so commonplace.

    What makes this even sadder are the number of couples, or even responsible single women, who cannot have children. I've known one couple that has been going through the adoption process and it is rigorous to say the least. Expensive as well. An agency won't place a child with anyone, yet thousands of irresponsible parents bring children into this world every day and rarely does anyone intervene until the damage is done.

  10. by   nursenoelle
    Amen echo.
  11. by   memphispanda
    Here's what happened here recently:
    Two-year-old Amber Cox-Cody died of hyperthermia and dehydration after being forgotten in a day care van, the medical examiner reported Friday.

    Her funeral is scheduled Tuesday at True Holiness Lighthouse Church, 654 Chelsea.


    The Shelby County medical examiner's report listed her temperature as 109.7 degrees - more than an hour after day care workers found her in the hot van.

    Officials said they didn't know the toddler's time of death.

    Her 20-pound body was strapped in her car seat in the van from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., forgotten by the driver and workers at the Children's Rainbow Learning Center on Macon Road.

    A host of variables would contribute to her time of death, doctors say.

    The variables could include whether the sun was shining directly on her and her activity level before she was buckled into the car seat.

    Officials with the Department of Human Services said there have been few problems with the center.

    "We didn't always find everything perfect," said Anne Turner, DHS director of licensing, "but we didn't find anything horrible or scary, either."

    Local inspectors make several unannounced visits to day cares each year.

    In March, the center was cited for enrolling infants without first having a fire inspector's approval. The center immediately had the inspection done.

    The facility at 3258 Macon has a capacity of 58 and is licensed to care for children ages 15 months to 12 years.

    "The center is fairly unremarkable," Turner said.

    Memphis police are still interviewing witnesses and center employees as the investigation into Amber's death continues.

    Van driver Shawnda Burton has referred all questions to her lawyer, Dewun Settle, who didn't return phone calls Friday.,00.html
  12. by   Cynthiann
    I just read an article recently where two kids died in a car outside of a daycare center.
    I think the mom worked there, I forget what exactly happened and can't find the article.

    This kind of stuff does make me sick. I have two toddlers and I cannot imagine putting them in such a situation. I feel like crying just trying to imagine how those kids feel in a hot car on a hot day before dying.

    I agre with many of you, some people just shouldn't have kids.
  13. by   studentdeb
    These stories make me sick. I think they need to be prosecuted. A child was found here in my area at the Zoo by passerbys left behind in a locked van by the daycare people. The woman coaxed the boy to unlock the van so he is ok, but the 3 daycare employees were fired. Not sure if charged yet. It is a shame that 3 people all missed one little boy.
  14. by   Cynthiann
    I found the article I was talking about:

    ....and I also found another article about
    children dying in car, dated the next day:

    It's so sad how often this happens.