Today was good

  1. Hello my friend. This has been a great day. First of all My mom was so much better today, I could talk to her and hold a decent conversation and she also got some much needed rest. She's now on whirlpool treatments for her feet,and she likes them a whole lot!! I just wanted to share some special lyrics from a gospel song I recently heard. It's called People get ready there's a train a comin' People get ready there's a train a comin' You don't need no baggage you just get on board. All you need is faith to keep the diesels hummin' You don't need no ticket you just thank the Lord. Noyou don't need no ticket no. You just thank the Lord!!!!!!!!! God bless each and every one of you my friends. I'll keep you updated. Warrior Woman.
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  3. by   Mkue
    theresa, glad your mom is doing better.

    thank you for the lyrics, will remember them always.

    i especially like, "you don't need no baggage" !!

  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    theresa, ! what great news to read and i have heard and know the song. thanks for posting!
  5. by   darby1
    All Right Warrior Woman! Say Mom be for likin' the wirlpool treatment? I believe she'll be fine after a little while, she just needs some good, old fashioned PETTING. And as for the "new' song you mentioned, this is an old gospel song, and has been recorded by several artists including Rod Stewart. It is a good song, and reminds us as Christian people that you don't have to run home and get packed. If a person is ready, you just "get on board". I look forward to a time when by job here is through. But until then, I'll keep doing what I'm supposed to. You all have a good day. PEACE. Darby
  6. by   dianah
    VEEEERRRRRYYYYY glad to hear about your mom's improvements! You and yours have been our thoughts and prayers, warriorwoman, and continue to be. One day at a time . . . --- D

  7. by   dianah
    BTW, love the song/lyrics too, has long been a fav of mine, done slow-like. Reminds me of the (old) "Travelin' Shoes," done years ago by Maria Muldaur. May have been done before she did it, but haven't heard - loved her version.