Today sucks........

  1. No I don't know why.......I am just feeling like today is one of those days......lots of small reasons, and just bummed....guess I just felt like maybe it would help to post it.....dunno???


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  3. by   cmggriff
    You working tonight? ER can do that to you. Seems like there is no end to sometimes. But something has always come along to make it all worth while again for me. Gary
  4. by   Q.
    It seems like you've been having a few bad days in a row. Whatsamatter? (Like I have to ask)

    I get that way sometimes. I've felt kind of "doomed" for a while - but sometimes you have to change your mindset. I started thinking of my job as nothing more than a job to collect a paycheck. If I have a bad day, that's to be expected. If I have a good day, well what a pleasant surprise. My life is more than my job - I find my happiness within my own life -outside of work. I don't know if this will help you or not.

    Talk to me - based on the timing of your posts you seem to work 2nd shift...I'm working 2nd shift tonight as well so I'll be on-line again after 2330 - maybe I'll "see" you...

  5. by   caroleann
    Hey Rick,
    I don't post much on this bb but read it quite often and feel like I know some of you. I have those days too sometimes when things just stink. Hang in there and it will get better. There are lots of us out here who care about you.
  6. by   duckie
    I'm very sorry you're having a bad day. Since I don't know all of what is happening in your life, I guess the best that I can do is tell you you'll be in my prayers for a brighter tomorrow. Maybe we can all send a big "cyber hug" your way. God Bless.
  7. by   CEN35
    Well while work has its ups and downs, as well as life.....I'm not about too ramble on the BB about the things getting to me right now. Nothing more than anybody else deals with.....

    ummmmmm yes Susy I work 3p-11p most of the time, that's the shift my crew works on.

    Thanks, for the words of wisdom all! Just sometimes it seems like theres only so much one can do for others, and it gets to me.
    Accept my apologies for even posting this as a topic, it was wrong.

    Have a good day!

    me (Rick)
  8. by   cmggriff
    No! It wasn't wrong. We give so much to others that sometimes we run out of "it". Whatever "it" is is in finite supply. We have to get resupplied somehow. And we all have our own way of doing that. So maybe you are looking for a new supply depot here?
    In my opinion, nurses only do wrong when they stop caring all together. No, Rick, your post wasn't wrong; even if it didn't help you. You learned something. Gary
  9. by   grnvillechick
    hey Ohio!!! if a bad day at work has caused this, let me pass on some advice I got as a grad 10 years ago from a sage nurse...she told me there would be days in nursing when ti would SUCK!!!..and advised me to start a scarpbook of I did being the eager beaver I was back then...every thank you card,pictuer,article..even my congrats letter from the board of nursing went into the album...and now when i wonder why i am a nurse i simply turn the pages...and read a thank you card from a lady we coded 17 times..who i thought for sure was a goner...who was shipped to a large city hospital and got an internal defib and a pacemaker..and sat down and wrote me a card...or I read a copy of my first ever evaluation as a new nurse and see my potential all over agin..or I glance at all the certs and awards I accumulated over the years and see how i grew..and still continue to grow.. if that won't help turn a horrible day into a better one..maybe st johns' wort??? hang in there!!!!!
  10. by   Q.
    Rick!! Ohmigod I actually got off early last night and FELL ASLEEP! I wanted to talk to you.

    Ok, first of all it was not wrong to post that. Would it make you feel better and more likely to open up if I rambled on about what's going on in my life?

    Let's see...I hate my job.
    My father is an alcoholic.
    My parents are still married but living apart.
    My mom has panic attacks and takes ativan reguarly. Also is a breast cancer survivor.
    My finances are screwed.
    I had an affair with my now husband then boyfriend's roommate in 1995 - a part of me will always love this man and I struggle with what to do about that. I only dated my husband all through high school and college, never had any other man (until 1995 of course)
    I get caffeine withdrawal headaches alot.
    I hate doing laundry.

    C'mon Rick, if you are willing to talk, I sure am. Sometimes it's helpful to put your thoughts down in writing.
  11. by   CEN35'll hear from me Susy K...not just not out in the open.

  12. by   neonnurse
    Hey Rick,
    I know what you mean. "We have good days and bad days and going half mad days"(Jimmy Buffett- "If the phone doesn't ring, its me"):I've been blue for almost 6 months. A big part of it is working nights, which I hate. But I know eventually I'll get a break and get out of the hospital setting altogether. Cherish your days off. Make 'em count, even if its just sitting home vegging in front of the tv. I think the thing that helpes me the most is that the majority of my friends are not nurses and it makes you realize that yeah, there is another world beyond nursing.
  13. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by neonnurse:
    I think the thing that helpes me the most is that the majority of my friends are not nurses and it makes you realize that yeah, there is another world beyond nursing.
    YES! My best friend is involved in a million different things and gets me involved in most of them! She belongs to a local actors/writers group and drags me to their plays, she gets free movie passes from her temp job, she calls me up and says, "Hey! Expedia is having a mondo-cheap deal on Vegas (yes, Vegas, neon!)packages--let's go next weekend!"

    If it weren't for her, I swear I would be a hermit.

  14. by   Jenny P
    Rick, one thing I learned when my kids were young and we were in a pilot project for 10-11 year old boys with ADHD. They had support groups for both the parents and the boys; and the first question they would ask every session is "how full is your cup?" You know, the old "half full or half empty" thing. It's amazing that sometimes my cup would be totally empty when I stopped and thought about it.
    But we also had to think of ways that made us feel like our cup was full-- how did we manage to fill up our cups. I found that my cup would be filled if I flew a kite, or blew bubbles with a bubble wand; or any other physical activity, or read a good book. As I've aged, I find that I don't get to fly kites much anymore, but there are other ways to fill my cup that used to be more neutral back then.
    I hope that your mood has improved since you posted this. I had to read it; because today sucked for my hubby (he's dealing with MS, newly dx. diabetes, and a back injury), and we went out to a natural foods restaurant for brunch, and after talking as a couple for an hour or so, he told me his "cup was full again!" Neither of us had thought of that for a while, and I guess a "date" is necessary even for old farts like us!