Today my son turns 16...The PERMIT !!!

  1. Let me ask you older moms and dads... When your son/daughter received their "permit" to drive THE CAR, did you develope the
    {{{shakes?}}} I'm not sure I'm going to like {{{this}}}...
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  3. by   aimeee
    ROFL! Haven't got there yet! Just 4 more years till my baby girl gets her permit. She will be okay though. She's got a steady head on her shoulders. My that's gonna be another story...I prefer not to think about it.
  4. by   tillie1
    ahh, this is from one of the "older people" . YOu know that usless handle above the doors on a lot of cars?... we now refer to that as the "oh,**** handle". I am not sure wchich was worse, being in the car during the six months of the permit or watching him dirvie off on his own the first time! Good Luck!!!
  5. by   kaycee
    I agree with carpmommy. The permit is not so bad, although I found my self almost putting my foot through the floor of the car, stepping on the imaginary brake on the passenger side. At least you're there and you have some control. When my daughter got her license and drove off by herself it was quite nerve racking. She's actually a good driver, and I'm kinda proud of myself as her main teacher. Just take it slow and I recommend driver's ed it's a big help. Good luck!!
    By the way my son's next in Dec. so here I go again.
  6. by   bagladyrn
    Yes, it's a very nervewracking time! My son's first vehicle (which I bought) was a big,old(77) Chevy pickup. I wanted as much protective metal around him as possible. Besides, a truck that old wouldn't go that fast. I have noticed, now that he's making payments on his own car, and paying his own insurance, he's become a much more careful driver!
  7. by   night owl
    the computer test on the first try...{whispering} D@mn!

    Last night I let him drive...The first mile I thought the word "terrorism" was starting to sound comforting to me... Only kidding of course, but after awhile when my stomach finally settled back down to where it was supposed to be, it started to pour down rain and visibility was almost nill. There goes the stomach and I had to push it back down...again. I guess I should get used to this because I realize now that I'll never be able to drive my car again except to work. Sounds like a great commercial for Pepto Bismol to me. Maybe I should invest in a bottle or tablets...(the sound of picking up my car keys, trying to sneak out of my house to purchase some) "MOM, where are you going?" "Can I drive???" <<<sigh!>>> as I look up to the ceiling because he was up stairs!

    Actually for the second time out, (Dad took him the 1st time) he did rather well...It's just me... and my STOMACH...Now if I could only get the hole in the floor of my car fixed from the imaginary brake I thought I had...It gets easier...I think
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  8. by   CashewLPN
    well... when I got my permit, oh so many years ago(3... I was 17)
    mom used to drive with me..
    She'd grab the 'oh s---!' handle, and the armrest, and brace one leg on the door frame, and the other on the floor.... the hand on the armrest was the one for chain smoking, until we had a fight, (i'm asthmatic... you smoke, I stop breathing, turn purple... REAL QUICK)
    So... then she started popping tic tacs....
    and crunching them...

    I now have a lic, and I bought the car from mom... she has a you dent it, you buy it policy... SO... I just dropped nearly 18g's in to this car... but its nice...

  9. by   aimeee
    It was always my Dad who took me out practice driving. He is one of those really quiet guys who rarely raises his voice or shows excitement. On one of our practice sessions I took a curve rather too sharply and missed hitting a mailbox by a hair. True to form, Dad just raised his eyebrows slightly and said quietly "Did you think I wanted to deliver some mail?"
  10. by   Jenny P
    Both of my kids are ADHD, so imagine the fun we had getting them through Drivers Ed and permits. My son (now 22) is still the worst distractable driver there is, but he bought his own car and the girl friend keeps yelling at him to pay attention when he drives. The daughter does better that way, but loves to travel over 80 MPH most of the time; and both kids know/knew that if they get a ticket or in an accidant they have to wait til they are able to buy their own vehicle.
    You can make it through this; just use lots of patience (one friend thought patience in the form of Valium worked best).
    Good Luck.
  11. by   hoolahan
    Baglady, you are onto something there! Big, old and sluggish!! Great idea. We are saving my husband's suburban for my son, who will get a permit in 2 years {{{yikes!}}}

    I remember my dad giving me driving lectures. I will never forget him always telling me don't worry about that guy behind you, you just mind your own business.

    I used to always say "I'm an excellent driver." in that Rainman voice, until my son finally asked me one day, Mom, why do you always say that? So, we rented the video, and they got a kick out of it.

    My first car was from my dad's rent-a-wreck biz, he passed away just before I got my permit, so my uncle, who was in charge of liquidating everything, saved this chevelle for me, it had 100,000 miles on it. I banged it up pretty good, and the next 2 cars, before I became an excellent driver, out of necessity, couldn't afford to have any more fender benders, which is fortunately what they all were.

    I say a little drink, OR a half an ativan, before you drive with him, follow up with pepto when you get back home. I am kind of looking forward to making the kids do the chores, like go out for more milk, etc...
  12. by   night owl
    I haven't driven since Thursday morning, the day he got his permit! This is the FIRST weekend I HAVEN'T driven at all since I got my license back in 1972! And Hoolihan my son does drive "THE BEAST" as we call it, our maroon and silver suburban. Plenty of metal and BIG...We all felt well protected...It's like a tank!!! Didn't need the pepto at all and it was wonderful. I think we're going to get through this yet
  13. by   ComicRN
    Ah yes, the permit days! I remember them well. I was a single mom when both my boys got their permits. Both of them passed the written portion with a 100% on the first try. I thought that was a good omen....and it has been. I made both my boys wait one full year with their permits before I would let them take their road test. Again, they both passed the test first time around. My 22 year old has only been in one accident (not his fault) and my 19 year old is accident free.

    I never feel nervous in the car with them now, nor did I when they had their permits. They were always careful (at least when I was in the car!!).

    When I was a kid, I never left the house without hearing "drive carefully" from one of my parents, which was later abreviated to just ""DC". We now carry on that tradition in our home. I like to think that is what keeps them safe!
  14. by   st4304
    When my 16 yr old got her permit last year, I thought I would save myself $300 bucks and teach her to drive. After one "lesson" I called and signed her up for the next driving class at AAA. The BEST $300 I ever spent!!! To give an example of our first "lesson" she ran a stop sign, didn't even attempt to brake and didn't even look to see if there were other cars around (thank goodness we were traveling on a country road rarely traveled). When I asked her why (and I might add I was very outwardly calm although inside I was panicking) she didn't stop at the stop sign she replied, "I was waiting for you to tell me when to start pushing the brake, so it was your fault, Mom."

    Well, it's been a year now. She has had her license since March and, believe it or not, she is a pretty good driver. We got her a car (lots of surrounding metal PLUS airbags!) Tried to get her to wear bubble wrap, but she would have nothing to do with it. So far no speeding tickets and only one fender bender (not her fault) so (knocking on wood), I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    My middle daughter gets her permit next month, and then I get a reprieve for four more years until my youngest gets hers.

    Pray for me and I will pray for you! LOL