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  1. Just curious in what capacity do you use your palm pilot for in your job? Do you find it useful and a time saver. I went to the web site and saw that it is used for Pharmacy stuff. It sounded like it was mostly geared for Pharmacists and Doctors but the information sounded useful to nurses. Anytime I save by not tracking down a drug book helps. Will you let me know about it some more, Thanks, moonie.
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  3. by   Q.
    Hey Moon-

    I just got a palm from eBay - and downloaded ePocrates under Barb's advice - and let me tell you - it's pretty cool.

    It lists the drugs under both brand and generic name, as well as effects, etc. Its a life saver to me in my job as I authorize Rx refills over the phone!

    Palms are great for anything - I use it mainly for a calender and address book - plus I put a Qbert game on it.

    If you want a Palm I would get the Palm V - anything less is kinda a waste as it uses regular batteries (double A) where the Palm V uses a lithium ion and charges in 2 minutes on it's cradle - lasts 2-3 months. Also has 8 Megs of RAM......

    and the ePocrates uses a buttload of memory....
  4. by   moonshadeau
    Thanks Susy. I work in a hospital setting where mostly there are pharmacists to ask. But you know that I spend so much time looking up drugs to make sure that there isn't anything I need to know (like interactions and contraindications) before I give a drug. You know these elderly folk have about 50 meds to give at one time. Isn't the statistic anything >8 meds that you are bound to have an interaction. Where besides ePocrates can I get a palm pilot for meds and stuff

    P.S. how do you like your new job
  5. by   Q.
    Hey Moon-

    The palms are sold separately - and the ePocrates is a program that you download into it - there could be other programs, etc. A couple residents on my floor have palms and have downloaded the Rx programs into it - but like I said - you need to have alot of memory.

    I think my job is going pretty well. The people are friendly and the LPN that works with me (named Sue of all things!) is a blast to work with! She takes the refill requests off the voicemail (it is the funniest thing- these patients say "I don't have a pound sign on my phone!" and hang up) and gives them to me for research and authorization. We cover all of Internal Medicine (about 40+ docs) - but its fun. I have a desk, a phone, and internet access! In fact, I told Brian that our intranet has as a link. He was pretty happy about that.

    So far I can't complain - and I still staff in L&D so if I get too bored at the clinic, I go to the floor for a few hours and realize how crappy it is.
  6. by   CashewLPN
    Palm 5 is good... I personally have the VIIx... but its an extravagance... plus I got it real cheep...

    The 5 is really nice though, and has lots of memory...

    I use mine for a drug reference... I also use the ePocrates Infectious disease guide, my phone book(way better than that little black book) Loads of games, an e-book for break times... You name it I got it...
    I gotta find a place where I can find some algorythms, or, I'll just put them in one by one by hand... one way or the other...

    Enjoy your palms!