To All You Portland allnurses!

  1. OK, mario, james dotter, swiftee, and whoever else is from the Portland-Vancouver area--how about we have breakfast sometime this week at The Original Hotcake House? It's a Portland landmark!!

    Or, we can meet for a drink at McMenamin's White Eagle--it's haunted, you know!! It is!! It's on all the registries of haunted houses and buildings!! The ghost, who they believe is a prostitute from a loong time ago, who used to live in the building, is said to get into their scotch at night. They clean up every night, but often in the morning they find the remnants of a glass of Scotch on the bar, or so I have heard. They have tried to videotape, but never see anything....
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  3. by   Jamesdotter
    OK, I'm game. Can't go Thurs, but could manage any other day. Or drinks, if that would work better with everyone else's sched.
    PS--where's McMenamin's White Eagle?
  4. by   stevierae
    McMenamin's White Eagle is over by the old Kaiser hospital; it used to be just The White Eagle, and was bought by McMenamin's a couple of years ago.

    It used to be the after work watering hole for the kaiser nurses and docs.

    It is at 836 N. Russell. They have happy hour every day between 4 and 7.

    There are also a couple of good little bars over by my office. One is the little bar attached to the restaurant Chez What? It's on Alberta.

    I am totally flexible, except for tonight. I have tickets to Bruce Springsteen: whoo hoo!