Tips for sleep

  1. Has any one got any tips for getting to sleep, at the minute I am really struggling. I got up at 7.30 yesterday and it is now 3.15. That is wierd even by my standards. I don't want to have to resort to buying sleeping pills again, as they knock me out for way too long. I am usaully happy If I can get four or more hours sleep a night.

    Which is the problem tonight, My body thinks nights is over, because the people who live next door where having really loud sex and woke me up. AGAIN!!!!

    Not that I mind, that much at least today I got some sleep, about 3 hours, when I was working nights it was worse as they kept me awake during the day.

    Please please please can anyone give me some good hints??
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Use something that has white sound -- a fan, humidifier, or even one of those sound machines to cover up any outside noise. I also use an Enya CD (In Memory of Trees) after a soothing shower or bath to slow my racing mind. If I try to sleep without the music, sometimes my brain just doesn't want to stop no matter how tired my body is. Sleepytime tea also helps.
  4. by   leesonlpn
    When I get home from eves and my mind is still at work, (sooner or later it comes home to me) I take half a tab of gravol and I doze off pretty well. That's only approx 12mg. Gravol works for me.
  5. by   Whisper
    Thankyou very much, I may have to invest in a CD player, as I only listen to musicon my pc at the minute and I don't want to keep that running all night. Thankyou for listening to my rant but last night was just the final straw in a bad day, but todya has been brighter and better so far.
    What is sleepy time tea? I have never heard of it before.
  6. by   Arwen
    Sleepytime Tea is a brand name for a tea made of Chamomille. Having a bedtime ritual helps. Sometimes I use a relaxation technique where I talk myself though relaxing each individual body part starting with my toes and working my way up. Its almost kind of a self-hypnosis. I often don't make it through the whole process.
  7. by   pkmom
    I have problems staying awake. Just siting for an hour or so, reading or going brain dead in front of the TV works for me.
  8. by   Dplear
    HOT WILD PASSIONATE for me everytime I need to get to sleep. Course I am a guy and we generally fall asleep after any type of sex...

  9. by   night owl
    Dave, you're right! (about the guy thing)
  10. by   Whisper
    Thanks for the advice Dave Now if only a b/f was as easy to get as a CD player!!
  11. by   Jenny P
    Hey, Leeson, what is Gravol? Never heard of it; what is it's generic name?
  12. by   semstr
    drink a pint of Guiness after great, passionate sex.
    (your guy will be sleeping anyway.)

    Take care and keep on uhm, uhm.............well, both of them, Renee
  13. by   duckie
    I purchased a product called Melatonin at Walmart, 3mg. tabs. I take 1 about 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep and I sleep like a log. Melatonin is naturally produced in our bodies but as we get older it does not produce as much as is needed and many things can throw our body off, such as the shift you work and so on. Type in Melatonin on your server and research it. I swear by it and many of the folks I have told about it use it faithfully. It only cost less than $5.00 a bottle and lasts for several months. I wake up refreshed and rested with no hang over feeling. Just a thought.....have a good day!
  14. by   night owl
    Jenny P,
    I know what you mean by using anything with "white sound"... that steady sound that you hear from a fan. When I'm sitting at the nurses station at night when all is toooo quiet, I have to get up and walk because the ventilation system puts me right to sleep! Hate when that happens...