Tipping...a poll

  1. Just curious..this is an ongoing debate in my household...i am referring to buffet-only type restaurants...not ones like Ruby Tuesday that have buffet and regular menu...
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  2. Poll: When eating in a buffet-style restaurant(ie Ponderosa, Chinese Buffet), how do u tip?

    • No tip

      34.69% 17
    • Tip, but not what I would in a full-service restaurant.

      59.18% 29
    • Tip the same as I would in a full-service restaurant.

      6.12% 3
    49 Votes
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  4. by   RN always
    I know, this is a hard subject. My husband says he only likes to tip when he has a waiter/waitress that actually do something, but at a buffet they only have to bring you drinks (maybe more) I am always one to tip more than I need to, guess its just because I always see them working so hard and they count on those tips! I have never been a waitress but my sister has and she always tips big!
  5. by   Robin61970
    The ones that they have in this area still ahve a waitress that refills your drink and such as that so I still tip......
    Good question.

    I generally tip a little less than the normal 15%, because they do less that normal serving. Unless of course after my first caffienated beverage they disappear! Or they leave all those nasty plates at the table or whatever. Then I have no problem leaving no tip at all.

  7. by   kristi915
    I would tip a little less than normal...
  8. by   Rustyhammer
    If I have to serve myself then I don't tip.
    How much effort does it take to refill a waterglass?
    And I've been to places where they SHOULD give you refills
    but don't.
    No service=No tip
  9. by   debyan
    I am a great tipper usually, as a former waitress. 25% great service 20% good sevice 15% fair sevice, but if you P**s me off its a dime. At a buffet place I never tip, I always thought their pay scale was higher, where I had worked wages were less assuming you were getting tips I swear I only made 1.25 an hour back in 73 , no BS I got good tips though. Had this tight little black and white uniform.
    Originally posted by Debyanelsworth
    Had this tight little black and white uniform.
    Is it getting hot in here?
  11. by   NurseDennie
    Tips are weird, if you ask me. Not only have the costs of the meals gone up, but the percentage for the tip has gone up! How did that happen??? Ah well, I have a friend who will tip 100% at times. She just takes pride in being a good tipper!

    I tip pretty much the same for a buffet as for a regular restaurant. Just over 15% Well, I pretty much ONLY go to one buffet-style restaurant. Oh Yummmmm - I wish I hadn't started thinking about that place!!!!

    Oriental style buffet. PERFECT place for a non-radical vegitarian like me. And it's a buffet, but the service is great, and more than what you'd expect for a buffet. They do the refills and they make sure that you have enough of what-ever, they keep bringing lemon if you need it. Once I took my daughter there just as they stopped refilling the buffet line and the staff took their lunch.... Our waitress got up from her lunch to refill our drinks. WAY beyond the call of duty if you ask me - so I would never consider tipping less than 15% there.

    Also I've seen some JERKS there that I just KNOW are going to stiff the wait staff and I don't like to see somebody get messed around like that. They have to pay income tax on what they SHOULD get, not what actually gets paid, I've heard. The tax people don't trust people who get a chunk of their income potentially in cash.


  12. by   debyan
    Yea those were the days when my bust size and my butt size were just about the same. When if you bent over just a little,pulled your shoulders in just a little and glanced up saying can I take your order sir, welll, my best tip was 3 X the meal.hehehedeb
  13. by   kids
    In my area buffet means NO service...serve your self and fill your own beverages. I'm with Rusty...zero service equals zero tip.
  14. by   CountrifiedRN
    I always tip well, unless it was unbelievably bad service. Even at the places where you serve yourself and fill your own drinks I leave a tip for the person who has to clean up after us.

    One thing I was wondering though, for those of you who live in areas where the gas stations have full service, do you tip the guy who pumps the gas? All the stations where I live are self serve, and when I went to NJ on vacation, all the stations were full service. Hubby and I tipped them because we weren't sure.
  15. by   Rustyhammer
    I have been know to walk to the kitchen and tip the dishwasher.
    Usually it's after the waitperson gave bad service and I wanted to tick her off.
    Try it sometime!
    0% for the waitress
    15% for the dishwasher.