Time for some JUICY gossip! Oh Heather and Susy, it's your long lost brother... Joey

  1. Okay the word is out... Heather and Susy are really twin sisters that were seperated at birth! They were stolen from the newborn nursery by a nurse who actually Posts right here!

    Now I know the name of the nurse, she sent me a PM and asked me to keep it quiet but it was just killing me not to tell! I will not devlulge the name of their biological mother though! I will NOT, unless there's something in it for me...

    So... what's being offered up?

    Oh wait one little tidbit of information before you start offering bribes... uhhhhhhhh Heather, Susy.... uhhhhh I'm your long lost brother! Yeah she got me too from the newborn nursery!

    Oh wait... she said we also had some other long lost siblings here.... Come out come out whoever you are!
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  3. by   PennyLane
    How about me?? Can I be part of the family?
  4. by   1HonoraryNurse
    Well I didn't want to say it but she did mention your name too! I just didn't want it to be too traumatizing for everyone. I still have the basket I was carried away in! How about you do you have your basket?
    I keep my basket with me at all times! :roll
    Susy and I have researched our history extensively.... we come from the sarcasm fairy. Are you sure you are one of us?

  6. by   1HonoraryNurse
    Wait a minute... let me just check in my genes to see what's in there! LOL
  7. by   vashka25
    long lost siblings ???? you mean there is a possibility I have more?....oh man.....and here I was finally coping with the fact that my baby sister and I are best friends.....now that we live on opposite sides of the country !!!!!!
  8. by   vashka25
    Originally posted by 1HonoraryNurse
    Wait a minute... let me just check in my genes to see what's in there! LOL
    Woah Joey hon..... wrong genes.....lol.
  9. by   debyan
    Genes, wow there is a sale at Khols, Levi's deb
  10. by   PennyLane
  11. by   1HonoraryNurse
    Okay everyone it's time for a genes check!
    I don't have any genes on right now.
  13. by   Robin61970
    No she's probably working on killing kitty's,LOL
  14. by   vashka25