Thursday October 31, 2013

  1. Good Morning all,

    Up too early because I could smell the chilli hubby cooked over night and it was making my tummy grumble so up I got at 4:30 and got myself a bowl full, it is delish and if he does not get up soon enough I am getting another bowl full. LOL

    Had an LPN with me yesterday who is very nice and will be with me today and tomorrow.

    Good day yesterday although I ran the roads unnecessarily so because I had to get the INRatio machine from our office but one of my (young) colleagues had the machine in her vehicle and I could not get it so I had to make phone call to MD, and reschedule test until today.

    Was not happy as she has had the machine sitting in her vehicle for several days, I am so going to wring her neck when I get hold of her. LOL So back out there I go again today.

    Then I get called in to my DPS's office to get informed I will be RE-training a male RN out of hubster's office who is just not making the grade. Poor time management skills, will not make decisions, get to patients when he says he will, etc etc etc so I will be whipping him into shape starting Monday! I never got to preceptor S so this will be interesting but I will not be mucking about. I mentioned to hubby that if he is not at the office on time for me to get to my patients I will be heading off without him. LOL

    So I guess I am now going to be waiting a while before I get some peace and quiet, time alone just driving to see my patients. No yacking in my car etc *sighs* I do miss my solitude at times.

    Came home and played with the dogs outside, they always make me laugh and feel so much better after that fun. Cleaned up the yard for the dogs and fixed their kennels as one of them loves to pull the blankets out so I hope I have fixed it where they cannot do that now! L'il bugga's.

    Hope you all have a Mahhhhhvelous day.

    Much love to you all.

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  3. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    It's 6:06 AM (EST) here.

    Was off from work last night. Yesterday was a bit of a wash. After my shift, I stayed at work for some mandatory in-servicing. Did not get to bed until around noon yesterday. Got up around 2:00 PM and pretty much felt like poop all day. UGH. (And management wonders why they get such poor turnout to these early morning in-services from the night shift. Blech!)

    I have one more night shift to go this week then I'm off for the next three nights. Don't have anything planned for the week-end. I hope to buckle down in my studio and write some music. I have a larger compositional project that I started a couple of years ago. I hope to have it finished by Christmas time to give as a gift (as a CD) for family and friends. I said the exact same thing last year and didn't complete the orchestral composition project. It's a matter of sitting my fat behind down, write down some notes on blank manuscript paper, sequence (record) it then mix it all down for CD mastering. We'll see what happens this weekend.

    Sabby_NC - Looks like work has been busy for you. So, you're "RE-training a male RN" who's not making the grade. Must be that male thing! We have such poor time management skills and can never make a decision! LOL! (Just poking fun at the "Male RN" thing! LOL!) It is tough teaching good time-managment skills (no matter the sex of the RN - LOL!). Where I work, there are a couple of great nurses who simply don't seem to manage their time well. They always seem to leave work an hour or so past their shift, even if their patient load is light. I could say that one is an older female RN who has absolutely poor time-management skills but I'm going to practice impulse control! (Just kidding. ) This person really is a great nurse. But dang. . . !

    Well. . . enough talk about time management and work. I'm at home and I'm sitting in my studio with blank manuscript paper that calls me to put notes on it.

    Cheers. . .

  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Sabby I hope things slow down for you soon.

    Ted I know what you mean, I'm tired this morning too.

    Things are going slow enough here, work has been fine the last few days. And it should be so the rest of the week. Still glad it's Thursday. Been a bit tired, my stomach's been acting up, not sure exactly why. Hopefully it'll settle down soon.

    Going to make sure I get home in time tonight to see It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Got the laundry done last night and will strive to get the grocery shopping done quick so I can get home in time.
  5. by   EMSnut45
    Good morning and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! It's one of my favorite "holidays"-- just good old fun!

    I spent all afternoon and evening carving my pumpkins. It was fun to pick out what I was going to carve and connect with my creative side! I chose a carousel (I collect them) and Big Bird ("B Burr"-- my favorite character and stuffed animal when I was a kid). I'll post the pictures below.

    Today we are finally having our new front door stained to look like wood. It's fiberglass with a wood grain look. It will be so pretty when it's done!!

    It's a gloomy, foggy day. Sabbys chili sounds like it would go perfectly with our weather!

    We aren't expecting any trick-or-treaters. We live out in a farm area where the "bang-for-the-buck" isn't too good. We'll leave the light on anyway.

    Wishing everyone one a fun Halloween!!


  6. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.
    I am not having such a good day. Actually yesterday was really rough. Today I got a shower and think I might get my bed made. I still need to do a resume and tighten up a letter. The place is still a wreck and I have no idea what to do with the things.

    I will keep putting one foot in front of another.

    Have a good day.

    ps. Love the pumpkins, such talent.
  7. by   EMSnut45
    Oh, AKY, if I could reach through the computer screen and give you a big long hug, I would. I've been thinking of you during this painful time. Here is to a less painful day today.
  8. by   dianah
    (((((((((((((((((( aky ))))))))))))))))
    You know some days will be worse than others.
    I would be SO overwhelmed by all the STUFF to sort thru and put away!
    You are right: one foot in front of the other.

    Sabby, enjoy your solitude, while it lasts.
    Hope you can help the RN improve.
    I am having my daily cottage cheese and strawberries.

    Ted, good luck finishing the composition.
    No, REALLY!! Wasn't funnin' ya!

    EMS, I LOVE the pumpkin carvings!
    Sabby is right: what talent!!

    Boss returned from his trip yesterday so I am officially NO LONGER in charge! (yay!)
    Case went smoothly yesterday (everything worked!).

    I have no candy for Halloween but then again we usually don't get any trick-or-treaters.

    Band is gonna be together this weekend, and we are looking for a place to camp together.
    We play Sunday in Oak Glen, so we need to be close-by.
    There are no available spots nearby, am checking a new place closer to our gig.
    Will see what happens.

    Y'all have a good one!
  9. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning all!

    I stayed up way too late last night watching baseball, and as a result drove right by my exit today on the way to work. Oh well, I was only a few minutes late, and everyone here in Red Sox Nation is very happy today!! I am glad today is my Friday. I'm having my new family room furniture delivered tomorrow and I'm so excited. We've been sitting on folding chairs for a while now, and it will be nice to be comfy again.

    Sabby-I'm sure you can get that guy to straighten up and fly right. Chili for breakfast??? I could do that on a cold morning. Hi Ted, hope you make some progress on the composition. Joe-I'll be watching the Great Pumpkin, too. It's my favorite Charlie Brown special. Love the pumpkins, EMS!! Dianah, good luck finding a camping spot, and get yourself some candy,anyway. AKY-I wish I could be there with you. As you well know, grief is a process that is not linear. I wish for better days ahead for you. (((AKY)))

    I hope everyone has a spooktacular day!
  10. by   nursefrances
    Gooooood morning!

    I am finally on my computer and have a chance to post on the GM thread. My phone freezes every time I try to post on the GM thread. It can be very annoying.

    Well, while everyone is carving pumpkins, I am buying Christmas presents, lol. I always start early and find the best deals this time of year. When I find a little something that makes a great stocking stuffer I buy a little here and a little there. Then it doesn't seem so overwhelming on the pocket book.

    It is good to read you all.
    Sabby, you are such a good teacher and so knowledgable. It's no wonder they keep utilizing your talents. Wishing you some deserved and desired solitude on the road soon.

    Ted, I love to hear about your music writing endeavors. I wish I knew about all the recording/EQ/music stuff that you know. This is on my bucket list. To learn how to record with good recording software and have a little home studio. That would be so cool. For now, It is my couch and the recording app on my phone. Wishing you some productive composition time.

    Joe, hope you feel better soon. Stomach troubles are no fun. Enjoy watching the Great Pumpkin. (My favorite is the Christmas special)

    EMS, yes I agree. Beeeautiful pumpkins! Love the pictures.

    AKY.....((((AKY)))) We all wish we were with you in real life so we could hug you, hold your hand, help in any way we can. For now we have virtual hugs, an ever listening ear, and a hearts and minds that are thinking about you during this time.

    Dianah, I am hoping to make it out to see you and the band one of these weekends. I reeeeally want to go. Hopefully we will be able to make it happen.

    BCgradnurse, happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that new furniture. Folding chairs...NOT comfy.

    Well, gotta go. Ten more minutes of coffee sipping before I need to head to work. Tonight we plan to take my son to our church harvest festival. Should be a nice time. Toodles.
  11. by   Ted
    aknottedyarn - ((((Hugs)))) (Maybe thoughts of Brandywine might help the heart a bit. . . )
  12. by   Sabby_NC
    Dearest AKY I am so sorry you are having such a rough time, I too wish I could reach right through this screen and give you a huge hug. I pray for comfort as you work through all that you are. May you take some time just to breathe and take care of yourself. Know we are here for you.

    BC how exciting getting new furniture I want descriptions please. LOL

    Ted you are so norty I should not have mentioned male RN and I certainly did not mean anything by it but this guy is so nice but just not getting his job and he has been given so many chances, has worked with us over 4 years but seems to be going backwards. I am not sure what is going on in his life but this is his last chance, if he does not pull his socks up he will be let go and I would really hate that for anyone. So I am really going to ride his tail and assist him as best I can.

    Great pumpkin carving EMSnut.

    Nursefrances you are a smarty pants good for you.

    I do not celebrate Halloween as I was not raised on it being from Australia so for those that do I hope you have fun.
  13. by   Ted
    Sabby_NC - I was just being an immature, wise-cracking male! LOL! What was interesting was that I was just posting on Facebook with one of my female co-workers before I responded to your post. She mentioned how she was stopped by the local policeman for running a stop sign. She also mentioned that she got off with only a warning. Of course I teased her back. I said that she didn't receive a ticket because she showed him her lovely eyes, and said that I would have received a ticket (without a warning). We tease each other a good amount at work. (We also seem to work quite well together too.) So, Sabby_NC, I apologise to you for just funning around. It's difficult to show "playful teasing" or "playful funning" on the internet which is why I use a fair amount of smilies to help make a point that I'm just teasing. If I was really bothered by what you said I probably would have PM'd you to talk about what I might find bothersome. Peace to you, Sabby_NC. . . I know that you're a great preceptor and I am certain that you are what he needs to help get his time managment together. (((Hugs)))
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    Sabby said you were "norty" . . . .she was teasing you.

    Well all - Happy Halloween! Already been out to the Trunk or Treat at our church (cars/pickups in a big circle in the parking lot all decorated with the grown-ups in costume!) and then the neighborhood. Spidey was Michael Jackson as Thriller but the makeup was making his skin itch so he washed it off at the church.

    Now we are giving out candy at home.

    Hope you all get a good night's sleep and good morning to Michael!!