Thursday, October 10th, 2013 - Good Morning

  1. Good Morning -

    It's 0214 (EST) here at my happy, little hospital. I have no ICU patients. Yet. However, I'm monitoring two telemetry patients who are on the med/surg floor. (The ICU nurses monitors the med/surg telemetry patients here at this teeny-tiny hospital.) It's a "Q" night. So far.

    No big plans for today. There's an inservice about infection control at 0705 this morning. I believe that they actually want us to wash our hands or something. LOL! After the mandatory inservice, I'm going home, going to sleep, get up around 11:30 AM, eat, watch a little television, go back to sleep by 2:00 PM, get up around 5:15 PM then do the "Three S's" then go to work.

    Back to routine.

    aknottedyarn - continued thoughts and prayers to your SO and you!!! I read the update on FB. I guess the saying, "One Day at a Time" or even "One Moment at a Time" is quite meaningful and a way to keep stress a bay. ((((Hugs))))

    Peace to all who travel here. . .

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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Ted and all who pop in,

    Ted I loved the photo you put up yesterday but that sure was a tease for us to be holding on with abated breath at seeing more. Hmm maybe I need to check out your FB page. LOL

    You sure are brave even putting that 'Q' letter up, when I was in ICU I would not even use the letter- got caught too many times. LOL

    Great day yesterday with D we had fun while driving around visiting patients, got back to the office and went over a whole heap of stuff. I am hoping I get to go through the admission process with her as I have a new patient to admit this afternoon although I have NO supporting evidence on what I am admitting them for so my DPS will be busy getting this for me or I will not be doing any such admission.

    Came home and played for the longest time with our dogs, they were very frisky and just wanted to play so I wore their tails out running around with balls and Frisbees. They were happy once their bellies were full and felt contented.

    Had a lovely fresh chicken salad made for supper so hubby's tummy was very happy as well.

    Praying today IS the day for AKY's SO to be extubated and heading in the right direction, please Lord if this is your will make it so this day.

    May you all have a most excellent and productive day.

    Off to make myself bootifulmous for work, hmmm maybe I should have started earlier. LOL

    Much love to you all.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Good morning Sabby and Ted. Good day to all who pop in.
    Overnight I got word that they had started antibiotics as cultures grew gram pos and neg. from resp. Blood cultures not back yet and no full report on resp. So IDK if today is the day. Yesterday was a great day for much of it: OOB in chair 3 hours. Was very tired when back to bed. Did not even rouse when I told him good night. His last IV site blew and when I left they were calling the IV team as he is such a tough stick.

    Today I am having a tough time so far. Perhaps when I see him and see that the infection has not kicked his butt I will be better.

    We are having lots of rain and some wind. I think it is supposed to get worse today but will will miss much of the storm as it is further out to sea.

    Sorry to start your day in kind of a funk. Know your friendship is one reason I can keep putting one foot in front of another.

    Ted, I also loved your picture and look forward to more about your vacation.
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    AKY it sounds like he's making good progress, I hope he gets rid of that infection soon.

    Morning Sabby and Ted

    Managed to get through yesterday, it wasn't that bad I did end up getting everything done, but I had this persistent headache, likely a migraine, that I struggled with most of the day. Was gone by the end of the day.

    Came home and did the laundry and got my shopping list in order. I'll do the shopping on the way home from work. And then I'll have tomorrow off!

    Have been wondering why I've been getting more migraines now than where I worked before. And then I realized: migraines are triggered by varying stress levels. And where I worked before I was stressed all the time. Whereas here it's stressful then calmer, which triggers the migraines.

    Which is further evidence that I really ought to think about leaving in the near future. I like the people, I usually like the work. But disorganization, bad management, heavy turnover, poor support, and a variety of other factors just cause too much strain.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    It sure is QUIET here.

    Sitting in the kitchen with the little electric heater at my feet. Coffee at my left hand.

    Will be heading over to one of the high schools to try to make some sense out of a diabetic student's mother . . . . do you ever feel like knocking some sense into someone? Of course you do.

    I'm off call in 7 minutes . .. and not on call this weekend. Doing a happy dance in my head.

    (((aky and S.O.)))
  7. by   EMSnut45
    Goodness! Where has the morning gone?!?

    I'm a little ways into my 24 hour shift. We are getting some much needed rain, and it looks like we'll be dodging rain drops for the next few days which will make our plants very happy! The temps certainly are dropping. My "winter feet" have arrived. For some reason in the winter my feet are constantly cold. I love to make those fabric bean bag things you put in the microwave and snuggle with. Those are so nice to fall asleep with to keep my feet toasty!

    AKY- I've still got my fingers crossed for you and your SO!!!

    For those of you getting rain, I hope you keep warm and dry, and be safe on the roads if you're driving!