Thursday, May 7, 2009

  1. Happy Thursday!

    I've been AWOL. Between, kids, work, MIL and dh, my butt keeps getting whooped.

    MIL is transferring to inpatient rehab this week for a five to seven day stay. I'm glad she changed her mind. I was worried about her being home after her multiple falls in the hospital. She was really deconditioned before she even went in for her surgery. Breathing is awesome. She's pink and hasn't used O2 for days. No more cough or SOB, just weak.

    I have to call the doc about dd. When I nurse her on my right side she winds-up spitting milk out of her nose and gagging/choking. I can hear her aspirating. I couldn't feel or see anything amiss in her mouth, so I don't know what's going on. She's due for a check-up at the end of the month anyway. DS is full force into terrible twos. He spends a nice chunk of his day in time-out on the steps. I don't know how I wound-up with a stubborn kid.

    As much as I hate days, I think working nights is killing me. By the time I have energy to do anything, it's time to go back to work. I'm going to start exercising and see if that helps.

    Dh has been a bear to live with lately. Between the kids, his mother and his own new health issues, he's going to drive me insane. (Or to murder . . . . . .) He called me at work multiple times yelling about something stupid and finally one of my co-workers pretended to press the button to hang-up on him. She didn't realize it really hung-up. I felt a teensy bit bad, but not much. I don't do that at his job. I called the urologist's office and scheduled his appointment today. He sees the doc June 5th. I'd better call the hospital and have his records sent. I'm really not liking the words "bladder wall thickening" with his smoking hx.

    Ok, I'm out of breath. I'm off to have a small strawberry-mango margarita and go to bed. I got the mix yesterday for Cinco de Mayo and didn't realize it had to be frozen overnight. Oops!
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  3. by   compassion1
    Good morning (((((((Nursey))))))). You sound like you've really got your hands full. Thanks for starting today's thread.

    I'm going to sleep now but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful God blessed day.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Wow NB . . . my head was already hurting, my ears were ringing, it feels like my head is gonna pop . . .and then I read your post! You poor dear - hope you enjoyed that margarita!

    Hi there Compassion . . .

    Happy Thursday! Just got home from class - I'm in my last semester of the RN to BSN program. This class is Christianity and World Religions. Great teacher - very interesting and engaging.

    Our power was off on Monday from 0400 to about 1000. A ring-tailed cat got into the power house. Zap~ :icon_roll And the electricity was off for folks in a 100 mile radius.

    Took a drive with my husband and son to see if our chipping job was ready to go . . . no, still too wet. Boy, it is May already and we still cannot get out into the woods.

    On the way we saw a gorgeous rainbow though. :redpinkhe

    Herring - I loved that photo of your grandma!

    Back for coffee in a few hours!

  5. by   Grace Oz
    Have a good day everyone!
    Just jumping by to say Hi

    Nothing much to share today. It's been a quiet one.

    Until next time ..............

  6. by   nursemary9

    good morning, nurses!!

    can't sleep yet again; mom is stable but very poor. my sis & her family arrive tomorrow from virginia. they will stay with us for a week.possibly longer.

    you all have a great day!! prayers being said for all who want & need them.

    see you all later
    mary ann
  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Mary Ann I hope you can get some sleep.

    NB I hope your dh turns out to have nothing serious.

    Hi Marilyn and steph!

    Was exhausted yesterday...the combination of day shift and missing lunch while watching a surgery left me so tired I went to bed at 8! Had a headache too. Thankfully I'm feeling better this morning.

    Actually things were pretty slow at the clinical, so maybe it was good I spent half the shift in the OR.

    Going to work the day shift today and tomorrow, and an overnight on Saturday (so I'll probably have to call off at work). Not much else going on around here.

    I wish the hospital would send the official award letter. Even though I got the job I'd feel better with some sort of written proof....
  8. by   DDRN4me
    morning all!! been away from AN for a little while due to work and swine flu prep!! there are several cases in nearby towns so we are being xtra cautious.
    had a great day with dd yest; she had f/u with her hip surgeon so we spent the day in boston. then she came home and found the puppy she wants on line. so life is good!
    ((mary ann))) prayers for mom and your family
    ((NB)) for your dh that dx is good
    ((Sabby ))) for dh and his finals...sure he will do fine!

    hope its a great day and week for all!... prayers for those in need!
  9. by   Sabby_NC
    well good morning one and all

    quick post from as i am dragging my chain today.

    nursey you poor love i would kick ya hubby up the kyber pass and tell him to grow up! deal with the issues as you have too grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i have pointy toed shoes if you need them! i do pray nothing sinister is going on with your little bubs and the aspiration, that has got to be worrying the tripe out of you. as for your 2 year old bless your heart

    g'day ddrn hubby is doing well, last exam and that is it finito woooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo

    hi to everyone else that has posted.

    a little bit upset here as my procedure has been put back until next wednesday due to an emergency with one of the docs in the clinic. oh well suck it up and move on eh?

    ok gotta run.

    toodle ooooo for now. :heartbeat
  10. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning friends
    just stopping in very a quick hello
    hugs and prayers
    love ya all
  11. by   jnette
    (((((((NB))))))) Got your plate FULL, Hon. Yep.. dh needs to grow up and direct his frustrations where they belong.. not at you. Hope you get to the bottom of dd's aspiration issues.. scary. The terible two's, eh? I dread it for dd next year, too. Ick. Hang in there.

    Drink a strawberry marguerita for me, will ya?

    Mary.. I'm with you in thoughts and prayers. Such a difficult time for you.

    Steph.. hope things dry out for you so you all can start having an income again ! Been terribly wet here, too, all week long. Rained buckets and bucket and buckets... horrible. Finally suppose to clear up a bit the next couple days. I'm so ready to see ol' Mr Sun !!!

    Sabby...need to remember to call your agency tomorrow.. I see they have an Alzheimer support group going on just down the road a bit.. want to find out more about it, and find time to check it out.
    Soooooooo glad dh is finally finishing up.. almost time to celebrate !!!

    I'ts been a cray and busy week here... had to do an admission after I got done in the office yesterday was 25 miles away and I finished up after 6 pm. I was beat. Of course I had been at the office since 0630 to start with...

    No more code browns, for Mutti, and her pressure is AWESOME now !!! 142/74 last check. Hurraaaaaaay ! Heart rate is slowly coming back up, too. In the low 60's now, so that we can live with, yes? Yes!

    Have to get groceries and odds 'n ends after work tomorrow, spend Saturday getting this mess at home tidied up, and plan on what I need to pack in the car for Mutti on Sunday when we go to spend the day at dd's for her Mother's Day cookout. It's like packing for a toddler.. diaper bag, meds, w/c, walker, sippy cup, special divided plate... yep. Heh. Looking forward to it, though.

    Ok.. better go do my workout before I'm not in the mood anymore.