Thursday May 21st 2009

  1. Thankfully, the last day until Sunday that I have clinicals...

    Not much going on today; tomorrow is the usual laundry/shopping stuff, along with some writing for class.

    Rather a warm day around here.
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Hi Joe, keep cool in that warm weather!

    I'm on my way to bed so just a quick G'day for now.

    Took the likely lad - aka, four legged furbaby terror of the dog park!- to the vet yesterday. Vet examined him, found nothing untoward. Soooo ... it would appear I indeed have a hoon for a pooch! Don't get me wrong, Scooter is adorable, he really is. But, typical of small dogs, he has to try and claim to be top dog! Throw in that at 9 years old he's turning into a grumpy old man .... and you've got it! He's become a grouch who has lost his social skills. Well bad news for him! He's going on a RE-learning curve! No off leash fun for him at the dog park until he plays nice again! lol

    It's DH's birthday tomorrow. Thanks be to god he's here to celebrate! It could well have been a different story back in January when he had the MI. We'll spend the day quietly, then DD will join us for dinner in the evening here at home.

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day!

    Goodnight from me! ...........
  4. by   compassion1
    Good morning Joe. Isn't it nice to have some down time? You deserve it. :tbsk: OR nbch: Relax and enjoy

    Grace, I hope you're snoozing well by now. I wish your hubby the most wonderful Happy Birthday tomorrow. Thank God, indeed, that he's with you so you can enjoy the day together. :smiley_aa
  5. by   zuzi
    Good morning all. Relax is good enjoy. Not too much time here... work, sleep, work, sleep.... life. Oh dear to call her to tell that I can't have a day off for concert... well my life, my beuatifull creepy life, lol.

    About dreams.... I dream, I dream, I dream .... to a blue pool with warm water and to a jacuzzi....I have, I have, I have... a cold ocean and a shower, lol.

    Have a nice day... and if is not working out...just dream...

    Harry Belafonte with his coconut woman, lol, in a flamenco style... I love flamenco....hey don't mess your minds again...ok?