Thursday January 31, 2013

  1. Good Morning Dear Friends,

    Well that was one miserable night's rest after that helacious storm that came through here. Very relieved that this log home is very solid but those winds just did not allow me to rest well. Our creek was like a raging river and I was so worried about the amount of water gushing under our driveway. At one point I thought the water was going to be too much for culvert and run over the top.

    Consequently I am exhausted but have 5 patients to keep me focussed on getting around to ensure they are ok and get home to the pups. They were very happy I was home a little earlier to get them inside out of that wind.

    Very happy with the delivery of our furniture and it was as they said white glove service. Never seen that before but they were so gentle, took all the packing mess away with them and only their gloved hands touched the leather.

    Pups are not too sure and only occasionally sniff the furniture but not jumping up on it. I have thick covers to place over the furniture at night time just in case they change their minds. LOL

    Still gusting outside but less than it was although the boys will not like it too much but they have plenty of porch coverage, kennel and downstairs to get out of the weather.

    Hope you are all safe, especially those that experienced these horrible storms and tornado activity. Please let us know all is safe in your area of the world.

    May your day be kind to you. Stay safe and warm.

    Much love I send to each of you this day.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby

    Yesterday was fairly exhausting. Had to work on some computer issues which were preventing my job change and that needed to be completed by today. Thankfully they were solved, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to complete the application and the job offer would have been withdrawn.

    Stayed an hour late to get some work done, and work on benefits. My old job's medical ends tomorrow so I wanted to be ready today to choose medical for my new one, so I stayed late to do research.

    I took the late train home, which doesn't stop at my station but the one a few blocks down the line. So I had to walk home along some very icy streets. Not a particularly good day.

    Today I'm going in a half hour early to apply for medical. We're having a fairly long meeting today so I wanted to get there early so I could make sure this got done. Laundry tonight, maybe grocery shopping if I have time.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning!

    I'm posting from work. I've been awake since 6:00am yesterday morning, so I am very tired and cannot wait until this shift ends. Of course, I will employ the utmost caution during my commute home to maintain safety.

    I'm off the next two nights, so there will be ample opportunity to catch up on my rest.

    Have a terrific Thursday!
  5. by   TopazLover
    Good day all,

    Sabby, so sorry to hear about the storm. We had and continue to have wind. We had heavy rain during the night but now, nothing. No roads blocked because of water over the roadway so I don't think we got as much as predicted.

    I slept like a rock all night. Of course I did take enough meds to drop an elephant. I was exhausted and knew I needed real sleep without a two hour bright eyed time in the middle of the night.

    At work early again. In many ways I like doing this but it does cut down on my time to get a quick load of laundry done or plan dinner.

    Best get to work soon. Have a safe day. Prayers for those in this storm's wake.
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    We also had heavy winds and rain last night, but no visible damage. I'm surprised our electricity did not go out, but I'll take it. The sun is peeking through now and temps are in the 50s.

    I'm going to make myself go to a yoga class tonight. I haven't been in many years, and I think I could really benefit. I'm more of a work up a good sweat kind of exerciser, so this will be different for me. I just have to get over my weirdness about walking into a new class where I don't know anyone and don't know what I'm doing. Hey, I did it for nursing and NP school, so this should be a breeze....I hope.

    Take care, everybody, and have a good day.
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  7. by   nursefrances
    Good morning Sabby, Joe, Commuter, AKY, BCGradnurse, and all who will drop by today. I am on my computer this morning and able to post with ease.

    Sabby, hope you catch up on the well needed rest. Glad you like the new furniture. We have had leather sofas for a few years now and in the last year my little yorkie feels the need to go from laying on the couch and licking her paws to licking the couch. Maybe she thinks it's still a cow.

    Joe, I have missed what your new job entails. I will need to do some back tracking of daily threads to see what you are doing now. Glad for you and hope this is the change you were wanting.

    Commuter, hope you arrived home safely. Enjoy your sleepy time Wishing you some good R&R time on your days off.

    AKY, I love it when I sleep so hard, I am dead to the world. (That is kind of a morbid phrase isn't it, sorry. ) Have a good day at work. It is nice to have that extra time in the morning before work to do little odds and ends. Today my odds and ends include sipping some coffee, eating a pastry and relaxing with you all here on the daily thread. Have a good day AKY.

    BCgradnurse, good for you for going to yoga. Hope you enjoy it. I have heard it is a great stress reliever.

    I am headed to work in about 20 minutes. Just enough time to post here, work on my budget a bit then head off to work.
    Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. I had to work and didn't get home until almost 6pm. I preordered some pies and picked them up at lunch (his favorite is lemon meringue). We went to Red Lobster for dinner. His brother and brother's wife went with us. It was a fun time. Our daughter receives a 25% discount so that was helpful too. She ended up paying for our portion of the bill. She is becoming quite the adult.
    Better get going so I could work on my budget. Wishing all a great day. It's almost Friday.