Thursday January 24, 2013

  1. Good Morning everyone,

    Nice ruddy wind out there with temps that defy words which is rare for me.

    Going to hit the floor running today with 5 visits and a 3 hour RN meeting tossed in. Yeah right I can do all this hahahaha I will have to pull the rabbit out of a hat but I will get it done!

    Poor nights sleep with the pups wanting to go outside (nope) go back to bed it is nite nite time. Cat decided to walk over me to get me up (nope) get off me. Wind blows bang bang bang. I give up, get up and now sipping on a cup of tea. Turned the alarm off so as not to wake hubby until I rouse him up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I shall be going to bed early tonight that is for sure.

    Met up with my RN case managers from our office yesterday for lunch, it was what we needed and I miss seeing them so we are going to try and do this weekly to ensure we are all doing ok or if we need a hand with something. I told them all I miss them and we need to keep in contact to support each other. What a good ol' belly laugh we had I NEEDED that.

    Hubster got home early so he had the animals fed etc which made it lighter on me. We pottered around which was nice then I got to bed to read for a while.

    Hope you are all doing well and please if you have to go out in this cold weather rug up and keep moving. For those that get to stay home today enjoy snuggling down and rest.

    Had a bit of an emotional day with one family they are really being tested God love them so lots of eduation and an empathetic ear while they vented.

    Still have not heard about our livingroom suite arrival and I want it NOW LOL Patience sometimes is never my virtue I have to say.

    Take care, smile or it may be a grimmace in this ridiculous wind LOL

    Love sent from my home to yours.
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  3. by   TopazLover
    Good morning, Sabby, and good day to all who stop by.
    I can't even imagine trying to see everyone and still sit still for a long meeting. SO and I were discussing the fact that nurses are always on the go and have issues with waiting. Lawyers learn that they have to wait a lot.

    Another long day at work. So many interruptions at work that getting my own work done has been difficult. Fingers crossed that today does not bring as many distractions.

    SO slammed the car door on his thumb. It has turned the most beautiful teal color. I don't recall ever seeing this particular shade before. It is as if a Smurf and Kermit got together and bam. He never complains of pain and yet was miserable all evening. Ice and NSAIDs may have helped. I informed him if not better today we go get it drained. I could do it but really do not want to.

    Both of us got Fed. juror questionaires. I once served as an alternate on a Grand Jury, and once my name came up in AK for regular jury but I dutifully called in and never had to go in. I think a Federal case might be interesting but probably since I help with the updates to the book and read some of the cases they probably would not seat me. Since he writes the book I am sure he would never be allowed even that far in the process.

    Best get tootlling along. We are to get snow in the next couple of days but it probably won't get to us.

    Enjoy your day. Currently 22 and projected to be down to 15 degrees. Good thing I can dress in layers.
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby and AKY

    steph I was contract but now I'm going to be permanent

    Yesterday was better, but I was still pretty tired. Drank lots of coffee, which helped, but also gave me an HA. Caused some problems sleeping last night too. Hopefully today will be better.

    Not sure why I've been tired the last few days. Might be my body adjusting to the new diet. Hopefully that will improve soon.

    Going to do the laundry and possibly the grocery shopping too after work.Going to be another very cold day today.
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning,

    Brutally cold here. The thermometer in the sun says 4 degrees. All the animals are in and I'm keeping the bird feeders full. I'm happy to be headed for warmer parts tomorrow morning, even if it's just for 4 days.

    Sabby-hope yopu have a good day and get better sleep tonight. AKY-I hope SO's thumb is better. I hope you have fewer interruptions at work today. Joe-have a good day-no coffee after noon!

    Time to get ready for work. I'm going in a little late as I don't have any early patients. Have to do a continuing ed thing tonight...hope they feed us!

    Stay warm!
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning!

    It is 8:30am central standard time right now and the outdoor temperature is a pleasant, partially sunny 57 degrees. I worked out at the health club this morning and returned home not too long ago. After having showered, I'm here at my computer desk while my space heater keeps my feet warm.

    I had several days off in a row, but I'm scheduled to go in to work this evening. I do not really want to go to work, but I am going to make the best of tonight and tomorrow night while keeping my fingers crossed for a pleasant night for all.

    Have a terrific Thursday!
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning all. Little electric heater at my feet and coffee to my right.

    Joe - I knew it was contract to permanent .. it just sounded that the stuff (job) you were doing was new. You are doing the same stuff, but on a permanent basis, right?

    Not as brutally cold here. Snow and ice trying to melt. But still, cold.

    My son wanted to get up early today (we slept in yesterday) but he read until after 11 p.m. and so is having a hard time waking up. Gotta go shove him out of bed.

    Have a great day!
  8. by   Liddle Noodnik
    just saying hi, working on my book again, gee I wish I was not such a perfectionist, I am never going to quit picking at this thing (editing). lol
  9. by   TopazLover
    Oh, Liddle, I understand. I have been working on this project for days and find it more confusing each day.

    Good news is SO went to doc in a box and got his nail drilled. With pressure down he is much more comfy.
  10. by   netglow
    Just popping in to tell Joe that I think you have a bug of some sort or are fighting the flu. I've been off and on hot/cold, a little queasy, and headachy too. Sometimes so tired I can't drag myself - gotta nap ... since Sunday. Yippy skippy! Got a flu shot 2 wks ago, but we know it might only just lessen s/s.