Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

  1. Howdy!

    Thought I'd start early so our Aussie friends can join us. Miss hearing about Grace's walks on the beach.

    Hope everyone who was sick is feeling better. Me, don't even ask.

    Will be going on vacation since mom changed her surgery date.

    I'll try to come up with a good song to cheer you up. I'll try to find another Beth Hart song. I can't say enough good things about her. She sings like she's the only one on stage and she has no inhibitions. Addict at 11, sister died of AIDS (song "Skin" is about that), went to rehab and got married. That's a success story.

    Hope you all have a lovely day!
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  3. by   bethin
    Here's to all you minivan owners:

    I sent this to my brother who has twin girls, with twin girls on the way. They just bought a new minivan and are moving into a housing addition. Hehe.
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  4. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning! :kiss

    Thank you, Bethin, for starting the thread!

    I'm attending classes tomorrow at the local CC. I have a couple of lab exams for A&P scheduled for the first week of March, and am so nervous about the whole situation. This is the first time I have ever taken college level science with the accompanying lab; therefore, I have never taken a lab exam before. Nor do I know what to expect. :uhoh21:

    Take care and have a lovely day!
  5. by   bethin
    Good luck on your lab exam. I'm not sure about your college, but my lab exams involve looking at a brain and identifying the parts and what they do. Or looking at veins and identifying them.

    I'm off to bed. Good night.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from bethin
    Good luck on your lab exam. I'm not sure about your college, but my lab exams involve looking at a brain and identifying the parts and what they do. Or looking at veins and identifying them.

    I'm off to bed. Good night.
    Thanks for the lab exam info, and good night.
  7. by   Grace Oz
    g'day everyone! can you see me waving from down here?!

    thanks bethin for your kind thoughts! :icon_hug: no beach walk today. instead, i went to a shopping centre and browsed the new winter clothes in the stores. hmmm, think i'll be making my present wardrobe do for this coming winter! can't say i was too impressed with what i saw today!
    mind you, we're still having weather here which is pure summer! sooo, winter clothes are the last thing anyone would want right now!

    since it's time for tea here, i'll have to dash out to the dinner table and devour the delicious smelling chilli con carne dh has cooking. we take it in turns being chef. it's his turn tonight! i love having an accomplice chef! :d and ............. makes me wonder why it wasn't like this when we still had the kids at home, and were both working??!!!! :smackingf duh! sharing the cooking back then would have made so much sense!! instead of me cooking all the meals, including cooking a meal and leaving it for the rest before i'd go to work on a late, ( 2.30pm-10.30pm), shift! was i a dope or what??!!! oh well, at least now i get a respite from the kitchen.

    ok, i'll try and pop back later tonight and see if i can catch up with y'all!
    we've got to do something about this darn timezone thingy! :chuckle

    meanwhile, stay safe and well! enjoy your wednesday!
  8. by   bethin
    Hi Grace!

    The smart thing to do would to make dh cook all the meals since you cooked all the meals while the kids were at home. Tell him he either cooks or he starves.
  9. by   Grace Oz
    Quote from bethin
    hi grace!

    the smart thing to do would to make dh cook all the meals since you cooked all the meals while the kids were at home. tell him he either cooks or he starves.
    hey beth! you've not seen dh! he's too big for lil' ole me to order around!! lol (he's really a pussycat, but don't tell him that!) lol
  10. by   nursemary9

    Beth, thanks for starting the thread!!

    I haven't been around much since last week; have not been feeling great plus I have been a bit "down" about the aborted Surprise Party!!
    Spoke with My Mom about the party; we told her the plans & how & why it had to be cancelled (the weather & the ridiculous parking difficulties resulting from the snow). She was NOT REAL Happy with us for planning the party; She was nice but firm, and expressed that she was so sorry that we were feeling depressed & disappointed, but that she preferred NOT having a party; She requested that we NOT reschedule it. So, we won't.
    The party was for her & if she doesn't want it, I guess we need to push the matter.
    We are taking her to Lunch today at her favorite Mexican restaurant. My cousin will join us as well as my sister-in-law and my Brother -in-law;
    (my sis-in-law is also another cousin of mine) So there will be 6 of us; she shouldn't object to that.I'll present her with the Picture Collage & the DVD as well as other gifts. (I made copies of the DVD for my family, also).
    We also made her a cute little Money tree. Hope she likes all the gifts.
    We got her a couple of gag-type gifts also--here favorite cookies and some cholcolate meranges.
    Well, it's not the party I planned, but ay least she'll be happier.
    She never was a big party person.

    Of course, our weather has improved here.
    The snow is practically all melted!! VERY NICE!!:uhoh21:

    Beth, I'll bet you can hardly wait for this vacation!!

    Commuter, Good luck on the lab exam!!

    Grace, Hope your Chili was good---reading your note has given me a taste for chili!! maybe I'll make some on the weekend!! DH usually does our cooking, lately!!

    Well, I'm at work, so I have to run now---See you all

    Hope everyone has a lovely day!!

    Mary Ann
  11. by   Tweety
    MaryAnn, sorry about the party. What a bummer.

    Time for me to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day.
  12. by   jmgrn65
    good morning good day
    I am off today, worked extra yest. I have a sore thoart, head feels full, nose is a little runny but I can breathe through it so that is good. But not feeling the greatest!
    TN prayers and hugs for you as well as anyone else that needs.
  13. by   compassion1
    Hello to you all. Been away for a few days but I've missed you.

    I wonder how tx is doing with her lil baby girl. Wish i could snuggle the lil one.

    Netters, i'm very glad your surgery is behind you and that the pain is resolved. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. :kiss

    Siri, how have you been? Love you possum mom.

    TheCommuter, I know you'll do fine on your test. I've got a lot of faith in you. Let us know how you do.

    Hi ya Bethin. Did you get some good sleep time? Are your meds helping? Don't want no surgery! No no no! Can't be under the weather when you're on vacation. You just have to have a good time 'cause your Momma wants you to have a good time. Have yourself a good day, K?

    Grace, did you sleep well? Chili sounds good to me. Care to share. Cyber chili. Yum! No calories either. You've got a good hubby.

    Mary Ann, glad you're back. I know you're disappointed about the party but your mom sounds quite happy about your small get together. I'll bet she gets a kick out of your present. What happened to all the food stuff you got for the big party? Hope you got it all et.

    Hey, Tweety. Have a good day at work. Have you got any plans for after work? I hope your day is pleasant.

    Hi ya Julie. You take good care of yourself. No fun feeling nasty. Good you've goy the day off. Tea, soup, rest Tylenol. Hope you feel good guick.

    I've got to get to work, too. Then I'm off for 3 days. looking forward to them. Must get going or i'll be late. Can't have that.

    To all that follow. have a God blessed day.
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  14. by   clemmm78
    good morning,
    I didn't work last night but I might as well have for the amount of sleep I got. If I'm going to be awake, I'd rather get paid!

    Tossed and turned, hubby snored and then at 1:44, the phone rang. My oldest son was outside but was locked out - he didn't have his keys. Grrr. Then I tossed and turned for the rest of the night.

    Oh well, I thought I'd get a bright and early start so I sat at my desk, ready to get some work done, moved some paper so I could see my deskpad calendar and, oops, a doctor's appointment in town at 10:15. Good thing I looked! And then there's the phone call this afternoon with the nursing director about the letter I was given last week.

    Guess I won't be bored today, huh?