Thursday December 26, 2013

  1. Good Morning to you all,

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day no matter what you got up to.

    We had a quiet day at home, no call outs which was wonderful, while on call I busied myself getting the turkey stuffing made, stuffed the bird and tossed it in the fridge.

    After my call was over we took the dogs for their hike in 32F temps which was lovely, hahahaha rugged up and walked hard and fast, boys had a great time running around expending energy. They will not get a walk at the weekend due to hubby's procedure tomorrow so I will get out in the yard and toss the ball for them.

    Please continue to pray for hubby as we are both anxious although not trying to show it very much, I know God is in control and I get peace there just wished this poor man did not have to go through this again.

    Very busy day for me with 7 visits so I will hit the road running and not stop until I turn back into my driveway, will be doing the miles today that is for sure.

    May you all have a most excellent and productive day.

    I should be off today celebrating Boxing Day, it is a public holiday back in Australia.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby we'll be thinking of you and Joey

    Quiet day yesterday as I predicted, got up late, did laundry, saw dad, and just rested the remainder of the day. Was pretty tired. Today back to work, then grocery shopping after work. Hopefully nothing unusual today.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Had a relaxing day yesterday, too. Amy and I (and our two canine family members) enjoyed our usual Christmas Morning together. The Christmas tree was lit, the fireplace was on, our two canine family members were wearing Santa hats and we put their presents in front of them to see if they would open them up. Nope. Our two canine family member never open up their presents despite gentle encouragement. They wag their tails and lovingly look at us, though. LOL! So, as we do each and every year, we open up their presents for them and watch them as the chow down on a doggie biscuit. Amy made a delicious Christmas Breakfast, as she does every year. We rested for a good part of the afternoon then we went to our friend's home for dinner to continue on with our Christmas Day. While there, we visited with nice friends and ate a German-cuisined dinner which was delicious.

    Christmas Eve service was beautiful as always. There were three different soloists who shared Prelude music. The choir sang two very lovely anthems and lots of traditional Christmas hymns were sung by all during our church's annual Christmas Eve candlelight service. As shared before, I've been doing this for 29 years and I still find it very beautiful and very comforting.

    Today and tomorrow, I work so I'll be doing the usual get-ready-for-work routine.

    Peace and God's Blessings to all who travel here.

  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning all. I slept in until 0930!! Shocking!

    What woke me was Spidey telling me my daughter was calling. We missed seeing her this holiday so it was nice to hear her voice.

    Christmas was wonderful. So many little children running the circuit at the ranch house - the same circuit my husband and his sis ran as kids, the same one our kids ran. Round and round from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen to the living room. So many little kids - mostly girls - only two boys including Spidey. It was loud and wonderful. Food was great too.

    My granddaughter made her way around to the women in the family to be held. I'm loving having her here.

    I'm off call - no calls at all so that was nice. Back on call for the weekend starting Friday at 5 p.m.

    Our Christmas eve service was simple with just a family band - we've watched the boys grow up into adults and they all play some stringed instrument. That night it was mandolin and guitar and violins. Very peaceful and beautiful.

    I walked the baby in the back of the church while the candlelighting went on. Did I already mention this? My days are running together.

    So glad to have a break from two jobs.

    Nice to read about your (collective your) days as well.

    Need a Santa Smilie . . . Dianah . .did you find some?
  6. by   Davey Do
    Thanks, Sabby, Ted, and steph for Sharing your Christmas Sojourns with us. They were, as the Sleigh Ride Song states, Just like Picture Prints from Currier & Ives!

    Here's to you, Joe, For Sharing your Quiet Day, and Reinforcing your Hope that Everything came out in the Laundry! And, as Joe stated to Sabby: I, too, will be thinking of you and Joey.

    I worked Christmas Day Night, and, as my Co-Worker-Peer-Friend Evelyn (She gave me Permission to use her Real Name) said, "Dave worked like a Hebrew Slave!"

    It's always a Good Shift when Patient Needs are Realized and Met and Co-Workers Further the Endeavor.

    Happy Holidays to All!