THURSDAY 28th May, 2009

  1. g'day and welcome to thursday!

    gosh i'm all out of kilter since the site went awol for a while! don't know if i'm coming or going or if i came and went! :d nice to *see* you again!

    i've been busy here in this cold southern land. we've had lots of much needed and the landscape is looking beautiful once again. so lush and green. just how i like it.

    took the boys to the dog park again. and again, the vertically challenged dog park terrorist aka scooter! started exerting his authority over all and sundry! :imbar i think i'll just hang a sign around my neck saying "sorry my dog is a grumpy old man!" at least that'll save me having to expalin his cranky attitude!

    aren't looks and a snazzy winter coat deceiving! butter wouldn't melt in his mouth! d

    amongst other activities, we've been hiking, perfect weather for hiking. planting new shrubs in the garden. and trying to avoid becoming a statistic of the increasing numbers contracting swine flu!

    hope to catch up later, but am now off to enjoy afternoon tea with a friend!

    cheers ..................

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  3. by   dianah
    G'day Grace, good to see you!
    I'm glad the site is back up too!!

    What a rascal Scooter is!!
    (cute, too!)

    Glad you're getting some nice rainy weather!
    Ours is just starting to warm up, have had a few 90-degree days.
    I know the triple-digits are on their way, so am enjoying the cooler days while I can.

    Hope you enjoyed tea with your friend, it's good to catch up!

    I'm off to bed now, see you all in the morning!

  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hello Grace and Dianah - just got home from school. Whew . . .exhausting day. Presentation went well. Final is next week. The two more 5 week classes and I'm finished! Had an exit interview with the school today - getting my ducks in a row for graduation.

    Cute photo of that puppy dog Grace.

    I'm headed to bed too . .. after killing a bunch of ants that had infiltrated my computer desk!!!

  5. by   herring_RN
    Good EARLY morning!

    Wishing you an early congratulations Steph. Quite an achievement to be almost done!
  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    steph, I'm counting down the days as well.

    Hi Grace Di Herring!

    Off to clinicals again today. Doing grocery shopping when I get back.

    Things are winding down here, getting things in order prior to graduation.
  7. by   Sabby_NC
    Morning All

    Grace the photo of Scooter is absolutely gorgeous.
    Are you SURE it is him that is terrorizing the dogs at the park??? He looks so innocent and soooooooooo cute.

    Have a great day one and all.
  8. by   zuzi
    helpless... i could not sleep, i could not talk i even could not afford to hear tired and down that i have the feeling that my body is here and me on a other part of the room....i need to stop to think too much like i do all the time.... some how...."le baron" told me to drink somenthing and to go to sleep...he, he, he easy to tell hard to do... i could not drink when i am down....i could not eat....i could not sleep... s/s of depression? nop is a long story and you need a full picture to "afford" a depression ..."not me" is just one, lol... i know what i have.... but i don't know how i could pass by it....
    if i have it 20 years less than now... and not so chick like i am now.... well....
    but i am chick, chick, chick.... an old stupid chick! and this god instead to let me in a normal way, messed with me and let me in anyhow... to smart to be here, to stupid to be there also, to ugly for a woman and to pretty for a old to be young and too young for the olders, he let me to see, hear and talk and think but he didn't let me to be born here to see, hear, talk and think like here, and damn it he give me a heart instead of two brains (one to sleep and one to think all the time). i am totally burn-out and unbalanced today.... why i see what others could not seen, why i see the all body attached to the leg when all others see just the nail or the leg's toe, why i am like that? why i try to understand all the time? why i analyze all the time? why i see the people behind the body? why i care? why personality patterns are so important for me? why i use all the time causality paradigma? instead let me like that was better if my god coud gave to me two big boobs, two long legs and blue eyes, and a bunny tail and was enough, lol, easy life oh ok and named me pamela instead of zuzi, lol......why i can't not cry? what a heck i am?
    need to sleep.. damn it le baron, i could not sleep!

    have a nice day...the original version is awesome
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  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning again. Lovely sunny day with blue skies. I've got a big old sprinkler going in my yard - looks like a geyser!

    Heard this song for the first time on the long way from home last night from school and love the chorus line:

    "God is great, beer is good, people are crazy".


  10. by   zuzi
    Hey good morning... finally I slept, he, he, he....reality comes around instead..... always about open a special connection I could not fight with it, even I could not analyze it.... is like just was made it to be, that all.

    And like always a beuatifull song always the beuatifull soul all in all, sad huh????
  11. by   jnette
    Greetings.. am trying to get on here if I can... will be back in a bit..:spin:
  12. by   jnette
    OK,, try again... Mutti was done with her supper.. had to go get the tray off her bed.

    Wow.. am sure glad tomorrow is Friday !

    It's been busy at work, but steady.. a nice pace, not overwhelming. We've had nothing but RAIN for the past 6 days... we are so saturated, it's ridiculous! I'm beginning to mildew !!! :stone
    I mean 5 inches one day, 3-4 inches, the next... rain all night long, all day long.. just insane. But today the sun actually peeked out for short intervals before the next several hours of downpour... and it's peeking out again now. Love it !
    Suppose to clear up for the weekend, and it will be sooooooooooo welcome!!! Maybe THIS weekend I'll get to sit out back some.. last weekend was a washout.

    And yay.. tomorrow is White Russian night, too !!!

    Mutti is pretty much acting like her normal self again..her pain seems to be gone, she can roll and turn nicely in the bed. Still afraid to stand for more than a few seconds, but I did manage to get her to sit on a chair next to the bed for a few minutes yesterday so I could make her a fresh bed. I'll just keep trying every day.. even just to sit on the edge of her bed, then have her hold on to me and try to pivot her onto a chair.. and eventually the BSC. That's my goal. If she can do just THAT much, I'll be grateful.

    'Cuz then I can also pivot her into her W/C and take her out into the living room... mabe even to the kitchen table if I can get her to stand long enough to put her on her chair at the table. One thing at a time... keep plugging away.

    So.. Grace.. that little Scooter is such a cutie !!! I love his little coat !

    Steph.. you're soooooooo close now ! Wow.. how the time seems to have flown ! Bravo girl !!!

    Joe.. goes for YOU, too !!! Awesome!

    Zuzi, Zuzi.. what can I say? Don't sweat the small stuff ! It will make you old before your time!

    Hey there, Sabby ! Hi there, Herring !

    Di.. how is ds enjyoing his Cooper? I bet he's thrilled, eh? Send your warm weather my way !

    OK.. going to put on some pretty classical music for Mutti, gather up some wash to do as soon as I get in the door from work tomorrow, set up Mutti's morning meds, and find something to wear to work tomorrow.

    Here's wishing everyone a fabulous Friday tomorrow !!!
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  13. by   jnette
    yep.. yep.. yep.........

    i'm sooooooo glad tomorrow is.........................

    :d :d :d
  14. by   zuzi
    Hey Jnnete, day by time.....important is that your mom is ok THIS is good......I don't need to be old than I am for sure..... But i knew all from the beginning dear, lol Will be ok....