THURSDAY 27th September, 2007

  1. G'day and to THURSDAY! :hatparty:

    Oh yeah, it really IS thursday! I'm not just teasing you.

    I attended another aquarobics class today.
    Oh my! talk about bubbling bouncing blubber in the water!
    And as for those star jumps!!!! Ever done a star jump in water, ladies???!!!! My oh my! :imbar
    I'm fast learning which exercises not to attempt! :chuckle:stone

    Wishing everyone a safe and healthy and happy THURSDAY!

    Catch you later, once you catch up with this day!

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning, all! :kiss

    I felt tired and groggy throughout much of yesterday, so I hope my thyroid is functioning WNL. Anyhow, I plan to go to the health club soon. After that, hopefully I'll study math on my interactive computer program. I'm determined to not allow math to hold me back from entering an RN bridge program. Currently, that's the only forseeable thing that could possibly keep me from getting in.

    Take care, and have an enjoyable day!
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Hope you feel better, commuter! Good luck with the maths. Never my favourite subject either!

    I'm outta here! We're going out for pasta for tea tonight! YUM!
    I love it when we go out to eat. No cooking, cleaning dishes etc.
    Just sit back and be spoilt rotten by the waitress/waiter!

  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Just got home from work - slow night in the ER.

    Having some leftover (wonderful) chicken and rice and a small sip of wine (it is 0139 on Thursday).

    Commuter - sometimes I think my thyroid is off . .. .

    Grace - hope your dinner was great! I love no dishes too. Came home to 4 laundry baskets full of folded clothes . . . .guess I should be grateful they made it out of the basement and are folded.

    See you in a few hours for coffee everyone~

  6. by   DDRN4me
    morning friends!!

    work day today and then doing respite. not much else. dd is having her u/s today. doubt we'll know anything more than dates as it is a little early.

    dsil goes to court tomorrow re: his accident. please pray that all goes well with both; they certainly deserve a break!

    (((((Jnette)))) hugs for you hun; Alzheimer's is a theif.... and it creeps up on you!

    (((baby Morgen and family))) hope all is going well.

    hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Mary
  7. by   hlfpnt
    Good morning!
  8. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning all,

    Yeahhhh little Friday today!!

    Phew what a busy day I had yesterday. Between chauffering 3 student LPN's around and driving 189 miles to visit my patients I was slap wore out.

    I pray today is a little less running for me BUT I doubt it. LOL

    My patients are so spread out through the mountains in VA. Man that countryside is just gorgeous.

    Let me share a view out of my mobile office.

    Have a great day everyone and please stay safe.

  9. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning and good night grace
    another rainy day, but it is ok we needed it. Hope everyone has a good day!
  10. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning everyone!

    Don't let the math scare you off Commuter!

    Great pictures Sabby!

    Gotta study of course, but it's going better than expected.
  11. by   sirI

    rise and shine!!! days a'breakin'!!!!!!!!

    gracie, just how on earth can you drink pasta tea? or, eat tea pasta? lol!!!! and, how do you do a star jump? it sounds very painful. hahaa. enjoy your evening and hope you sleep well tonight.

    [color=sandybrown]hi, thecommuter. hope all is o.k. with that thyroid. hang in there. you are gonna bridge that program!!! i just know it!!

    hello, steph. how's spidey feeling now? hope you slept well. join me in some java joe.

    hope all works out for you sil, mary. will keep fingers crossed for him. let us know about your dd us, too. have a good day.

    mornin', hlfpnt. hope your day goes well.

    hi, sabby. "slap wore out". lol!! i say that, too. gorgeous piccys. enjoy your visit.

    hello, jmgrn. rained the entire day here yesterday. but, as you said, we needed it, too. hope your day is kind to you.

    good morning, mr. nightingmale. don't study too hard - just enough and have a great day.

    i'm enjoying my wonderful pasta-free (lol) , so ya'll partake with me. or, here's some for those so inclined. and, if you must, how about this ... (any soft drink you like!!)

    nothing pressing for me today and that i can handle. thinking about dutchy's grandson and hope he's improving. also, jnette. ((((huge hugs, hon). tnbutterfly, you and dd have a safe trip to nyc.

    ya'll have a
  12. by   clemmm78
    Good morning!!

    I slept quite nicely last night. My new pillows arrived and what a difference! I was comfortable. I did wake up several times, as usualy, but each time, I went back to sleep right away. I think I'm in love with a pillow.

    grey day here weather wise, but nice temps. Lots of work again today. This is good! I'm doing a really interesting project on wellness and preventing injury. It's a nice break from writing about illness and injury itself.

    I watched some TV last night and took in the new show, the spin off from Grey's Anatomy. May have some potential. I will likely watch it again. I stopped watching GA after the first year because I couldn't stand the lead character but I like the actress who plays Addison. So, we'll see.

    My oldest son (the 20 yr old) has a job interview at a downtown hotel. It's for part time work to help him through school. Fingers crossed that he gets it and that he likes it. I think a job like that (bell hop) has some great potential. He could make some good money and meet some really interesting people.

    So, on to start me day. Have a good one everyone!
  13. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Hope you guys have a great day today!

    From Wednesday's thread:

    Quote from bethin
    You know, I've seriously considered changing my name to that. I always forget to take a deep breath and relax.

    Yeah, I'm having a hard time breathing right now. Big paper due and I'm on strike. I have to analyze a newspaper ad from the 50's and write 3 pages about it. Three pages from 4 lines!!! Am I going to have to do this as a lawyer?

    Heck no. Have the paralegal do it.

    I'm kidding. My plan is actually paralegal first, law school second.
    Do you have to use a particular one? There is one about lysol being used as a douche somewhere! Tried to find it online but ya know, it's too early I guess...

  14. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Grace Oz
    Ever done a star jump in water, ladies???!!!!
    What is THAT?

    Quote from TheCommuter
    I'm determined to not allow math to hold me back from entering an RN bridge program.
    I had to do statistics in college, math is NOT my forte! What I did is I went EVERY week for tutoring w/ the professor and surprisingly I got an A (in HS I was lucky to get a C or D). It's amazing how that little bit of reinforcement can reduce the anxiety and that feeling of being overwhelmed... good luck!

    Quote from DDRN4me
    dsil goes to court tomorrow re: his accident. please pray that all goes well with both; they certainly deserve a break!
    {{{{{{{{{{{dsil and dd}}}}}}}

    Quote from hlfpnt
    Good morning!
    Good morning to yooooo!

    Quote from Joe NightingMale
    Gotta study of course, but it's going better than expected.
    I can tell that you work hard, Joe! Keep at it, you are going to do so well!