Thursday 16th April, 2009

  1. wakey wakey wakey!!!!! time to rise and shine! up and at 'em!!! welcome to thursday! :flowersfo

    i hope each and everyone who drops by here today enjoys a day filled with good health, happiness and answers to their prayers.

    the sun is setting on my thursday here in the land down under, and for us here it's almost time for tea - (as in evening meal!):d

    i've just returned from a drive to the beach. even though it rained lightly here today, i threw caution to the wind and took a chance. i wandered along the esplanade observing those brave enough to venture into the water, stopped in a nice cafe' for a bite to eat and a coffee while reading my new book, and called in on a friend at her shop for a quick g'day!
    i so enjoy these solo outings, you can meander at your leisure and no-one tells you to hurry up! you can linger browsing for as long as you like! usually in the book stores! :d

    tomorrow i'll be shopping and preparing food for dd's engagement party on saturday night. i'm glad i took some "me" time today! it'll be another busy weekend. busy but pleasant busy!

    sooooo .... are you all up and awake yet???!!! :d

    enjoy your thursday! ..............

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  3. by   jnette
    Good Morning Grace !

    Enjoy your down time.. as for me, it's going to be a busy one again today.. boohoo.
    Better get going and get ready.... a long day ahead.

    Hope everyone has a good'n !
  4. by   XB9S
    Morning grace, morning Netters.

    I've been a bit quiet in here lately so it's good to get back to the GM thread and say hi.

    Grace your drive to the beach sounds lovely, I love getting time alone but it happens so rarely.

    Hi Netters, not see you for ages hope your well

    It's 1045 in the UK now, the sun is out and I've got washing in the machine so I'll be putting it out later. Other than that I'm having a lazy day today, had to have a little more surgery on my knee last week so I am recovering and keeping my feet up. I've still got clips in and they are itching like crazy so it's taking all my will power not to scratch, or remove them as the hospital gave me a clip remover to give to my practice nurse but that would just be naughty. I've got another 3 days then they can come out.

    I've got my lovely daughter home with me as it's Easter break in the UK, she's looking after me loads and making my lots of cups of tea.

    I'll try to check back in later to say hi

    Have a lovely Thursday
  5. by   Sabby_NC
    hi grace, netters and sharrie

    great to see you and hi to the others that follow on behind me.

    sharrie sorry to read you had more surgery on that knee but i pray this is the last and your knee gets on the mend :heartbeat

    running late here as hubby was up at 4am for his last day of preceptor ship so i stayed up. got all the house work done, washing done and dried, wood polished etc, linen on bed changed so i am happy

    team meeting today then 4 visits so not too bad today... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    have a great day.
  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hope your knee feels better Sharrie.

    Hi Sabby jnette Grace!

    Got my courage up yesterday and emailed the recruiter I spoke with about the position. Haven't heard anything yet, but I hope to today. Going to be checking email and voicemail frequently...

    Did the writing yesterday, so I have only a little more today, along with a little reading. Going to do shopping and laundry too.

    And going to job search some more, unless they call with an offer. Going to expand my search area too, just in case.
  7. by   dianah
    Good morning!

    Grace, your outing sounds so restful and just what was needed.
    Is the engagement party at your house?
    What are you preparing for it?

    Keeping fingers crossed for ya for a job, Joe!

    Jnette, I hope you get an unexpected pleasant surprise today, and that the day (in spite of being so busy) goes well.

    sharrie, I'd be the same: tempted to take those staples out myself, lol!
    Glad your dd is taking good care of you!

    Sabby, you've already done a day's work at home!!
    Hope your day goes well.

    Last night I developed a cold, so I'm going to stay home today.
    I just HAD one, about a month ago, why did I get another one??????
    Oh well, doesn't help to try to figure it out.
    As soon as I take youngest to school, I'm going back to bed.

    Y'all have a good one!
  8. by   nursemary9

    good morning, friends!!

    well, i got a little bit of sleep last nite--from about 0030 to 0330; then i was awake so went to living room. turned on some music and then fell back to sleep in my chair but was awake again before 0600.
    somethings better then nothing, i guess.
    so, now i'm at work but just feel blah!!

    dh is off golfing today. it's supposed to be up near 60 today---------finally.
    i can't wait for the weather to warm up some!!

    well, need to get back to work. you all have a good day!!
    mary ann
    th_thththsmileywit hf
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm awake - barely! Didn't fall asleep until about 3 a.m. due to that Diet Pepsi I drank on the way home from school last night.

    Good morning from sunny California

    Dianah - sorry you got another cold! My throat was a tiny bit sore this morning but it is gone now after drinking some coffee. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Gotta go . . . my oldest son is calling me!

  10. by   dianah
    Mary Ann, I love the spring graphics!! Thanks!

    Steph, I hereby imbue magical healing and protective qualities upon your cup of coffee, to keep you from illness!
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from dianah
    Mary Ann, I love the spring graphics!! Thanks!

    Steph, I hereby imbue magical healing and protective qualities upon your cup of coffee, to keep you from illness!
    Thanks! My son was ordering coffee (3 creams, 2 sugars) and a cinnamon roll from McDonald's while talking to me with his "hands free" phone. I said "That doesn't sound very healthy". He said "well, mom I'm in a hurry".

    That's a good excuse.

    I've had two cups of coffee . . .better get my day started. It is cold in this house and I need to start a fire, put the big dogs outside (Jack the Lab and Tito the Boxer), get the puppy out of her crate and figure out a fun thing to do with my youngest!

  12. by   zuzi
    Morning I looove your flowers Mary! Sunny up here, kido wakeup me early today yuck! Tired.... Coffeeeeeeeeeee. A lot to do in one single day.... beuaty and cook and clean and talk and fax ...and 2 appointments in the afternooon . Need to up my mood somehow for one of the appointments..... friend in the way that Zuzi know what means a FRIEND, happy and crazy ......just a friend but to fell it true not fake, miss my friends really... .... hard to find here where cultural and language barriers and educational barriers are others... and where to be ME is much important than to be US, so let's try like could be really fun... my inner sense told me that, that could be a chance...... lool, may be I am wrong....let's up lifting us and let the events rule, and let's play!
    Just good friends...publicity is just wrong and just fake, we play too strong forgeting friendship rules first.... be good... pray for my concert tickets and to have with who to go, loooool.

    Tommorow is the confession time, need to find also a church... is a long story about Zuzi and churches....the same like about Zuzi and friends...or people for money.... ugly stories...
    Let's sing and belive in friendship and good fellings and thought
  13. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Grace Oz
    Sooooo .... are you all up and awake yet???!!!
    Up and sort of at 'em! Got lots to do, and working the next 4 nights. Tired! I have been taking on too much lately and not giving myself time to breathe. So that is my plan for the next two weeks, just work, church, and breathing. Ahhh...

    Nice fresh air out there and beautiful blue skies and sunshine, although a cold breeze. Brr... got the sliding glass door open anyway to let all the winter cooties out lol..

    xo (((((((((((AN ))))))))))
  14. by   Grace Oz
    [quote][/grace, your outing sounds so restful and just what was needed.
    is the engagement party at your house?
    what are you preparing for it?quote]

    hi di .... party is being held at dd's house. we're having "finger" foods. hot savouries, savoury platters with cheeses, olives and various meats such as salami's, cabana's etc. veggie/dips, cocktail sandwiches, the engagement cake for dessert with fruit kebabs.

    sorry you've caught another cold! sending healing restorative vibes up/over!

    greetings all ... it's friday!

    insomnia, sleeplessness, inability to sleep, etc ... must be global at present! i'm not sleeping too restfully either! i drop off ever so easily in front of the tv!:d
    how come once actually in bed, the sleep eludes us????

    we have grey skies again today, received a moderate amount of rain last night which is most welcome.

    must dash for now!
    have a good day/night/afternoon/whichever it is for you!