Three important tests on Wed. Wish me luck.

  1. Hi Guys. Just want all of you to know that I have 3 BIG TESTS ON WED. First I have my Pharm 4 Final, Then I have my Leadership Final, Then right afterwards probably my most important test: I am scheduled for a Persantine stress test to figure out why I've been having severe chest pains lately. I had some pain today at preceptorship clinicals and had to take a nitro to get it under control. What in the world is happening to me? Blockage? Arterial spasms? I wish I knew. What if the stress test is inconclusive? Will a heart cath be next? I know something must be causing this pain. I know it's not in my mind. What am I going to do? This is so incredibly frustrating and frightening to me. I appreciate any ideas or thoughts as to what these chest pains could be. I love you all so much. Warrior Woman.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GOOD LUCK.....keep your cool and dont' get worked up now!
  4. by   DebsZoo
    First, let me wish you the very best on your tests for school. Coming to the should be so proud of what youi are accomplishing!
    As for the chest pains...I wouldn't even hazard a guess here, as I am not even IN nursing classes until next Sept.
    All I can say is TRY an relax, destress, do something to help keep your mind off worrying.
    Ask as many questions of the Dr as you need to............don't let them put you off.................

    And, I know this goes without saying, put be sure to keep us updated...........
  5. by   bagladyrn
    ((((Theresa)))) Good luck with all your exams - I know you can do fine on the school things, and counting on good results from the third. Try not to get too frustrated with the slow elimination process for diagnosis - they will figure it out. Just seems as though you have entirely too much on your plate at times.
    Wishing you all the best - let us know!
  6. by   shygirl
    Good Luck Theresa!
  7. by   JonRN
    Good luck Theresa.....I know where you are coming from RE: medical testing. Every time I go to the hematologist I am a basket case, worrying about what my B/W is gonna be, and am I gonna have to start chemo. No fun. Hope it turns out to be something simple and easily fixable in your case.

  8. by   live4today
    Warrior Woman.....where are you girlfriend?????? :kiss
    Hopefully she's getting some much deserved R&R after all of those finals!

    Almost graduation day! Hang in there!

  10. by   kittyw
    (((Theresa))) It's almost over.... take a deep breath ... have a glass of wine and try to relax a little....

    Now how many minutes to graduation?

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