This will make ya cry!

  1. I don't know if this was posted here before, but this song/video is so sweet. We need to remember that every soldier is someone's little boy (or girl) .....

    I kissed my son goodbye today....
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  3. by   SusanRN2004
    Sorry, I just found out NRSKarenRN had already posted this....Oh's good enough to repeat!
  4. by   shygirl
    I didn't see it before. It was beautiful. Thanks
  5. by   Kayzee
    Thank you
  6. by   GAstudent
    Hey, This song made me cry..As a matter of fact I am still crying. I just hate to think of my sons going away and having to tell them bye oneday. They are only 1 and 2 so they have a while but still I don't want them to grow up and always be this little. I also sent it to my radio station and I hope that they will play it. I bet they will, they are good about that kind of thing..they don't care...they'll play it.