This site Rocks!

  1. OK OK at the risk of sounding like a teenager, you DO ROCK! let me say, I have been a member of several message boards since being online since 1992...and I have to say, this one is the best. Usually SO diplomatic and respectful...and you all have been so supportive of me the past few days w/my angst. Your posts and PM's are priceless and mean a lot. Even when we disagree, for the most part we do so politely and intelligently! I hope to be here for a good long while......will need your help to see me thru the next few months of pregnancy,ya know!!!! Anyhow, again, thanks for all! And thanks Brian for establishing the great site!~~~deb
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  3. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    I've been out of nursing for 17 plus years but if this board had been around then I might still be in nursing. So much experience, so many knowledgeable people, so much care and concern and so much light heartedness. Love this place and love that you can truly speak your mind here and everybody let's you have your say. God Bless each and every one of you in the nursing/medical profession because without you many of us would not be around to enjoy another wonderful day. You are all truly angels helping those in need. Prayers for each and every one of you and yours.