This is unbelievable!!

  1. Over the top arrogance? Stupendous stupidity? What the #!*@ was Bush thinking???
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  3. by   gwenith
    Okay - we get the David Letterman show and I want to know - what was Letterman's reaction???
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Are you kidding me? I'm with Gwenith...what does Letterman have to say? I can't imagine him keeping his mouth shut about this one!
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse

    I hate Bush I hate Bush I hate Bush I hate Bush..infinity.
  6. by   rollingstone
    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse

    I hate Bush I hate Bush I hate Bush I hate Bush..infinity.
    It's sad that in such a great country the only choice we'll have in '04 is Bush or Kerrey.
  7. by   gwenith

    Top Ten Things Letterman will say............

    10) I hate to tell you Mr President but there is WE don't have mobile towel racks
    9) Did your wife forget to put a hanky in your pocket??
    8) Next time - make sure the camera's are OFF!

    Okay next person:chuckle
  8. by   Grace Oz
    With a bit of luck, (and fantacising!), she's just,- prior to him cleaning his glasses, -wiped her nose on that part of her shirt!!!

    Now, THAT would be sweet justice!

    WHAT an arrogant, disrespectful, JERK!!
  9. by   gwenith

    Oh! Yeah!!!!

    Okay - in that case you would have to say - "It'snot a problem....."
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  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    Is he gonna apologize for this now? LOLOLOL!
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Oh come on . . . most of you thought Bill's BJ foray was no big deal and you are having fits over this?

    As my two year old says . . calm down. Let's debate the real issues.

  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Yeah, this happened way back during the 2000 campaign. I still remember how it came to be the deciding factor in my sister's changing parties; she'd been a lifelong Republican, and within days of seeing Bush's display of arrogance on Letterman, she switched her party affiliation. She didn't think anybody who was so ill-mannered as to wipe his glasses on another person's sweater without so much as a "by-your-leave" deserved to be President, and nothing that's happened since then has convinced her otherwise. Me, I took a more tolerant view of things; after he took office, I actually wanted Bush to succeed, and when 9/11 happened I remember being thankful he was at the helm to help us get through it.

    All I can say now is, I have lived to regret my early support for Bush, and to wonder what insanity possessed me to believe there was such a thing as "compassionate" conservatism........might as well believe in the Great Pumpkin. :stone
  13. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    It's like Bush has totally disregarded this woman as a person.

    That's what Bush does- unless you are a rich white CEO, or a fetus-
    you're just furniture to him.
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  14. by   jemb
    There could only be one legitimate reason -- his glasses were so dirty that he didn't see what he was wiping them on until afterwards.

    Hmmm... could that possibly be symbolic?