This came in "News of the Weird"

  1. "The Palo Alto, Calif., City Council scheduled for a final vote in May a proposed code of conduct that includes (in order to coax civility among members) an official admonition to avoid even nonverbal forms of disagreement with each other, such as rolling one's eyes or shaking one's head or frowning. One former resident told the San Jose Mercury News that the proposal is a prime example of the "Palo Alto mind-set." [San Jose Mercury News, 4-7-03; Reuters, 4-13-03]"


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  3. by   BranRN
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  5. by   willie2003
    wow sounds like someplace online I know.
  6. by   jnette

  7. by   plumrn
    I don't think there would be anyone left to do business with!
    Are they serious???!!!
  8. by   Beach_RN
    Wow Dennie! That Palo Alto sounds very very familiar to me! It feels all so dejavu to me! Duh!

    If it were a snake it would have bit me!
  9. by   dschlatet
    I've been to Palo Alto. Kind of an odd community, filled with thousands of crotchety old women and bad perms.
  10. by   J-RN student
    *****!? :chuckle
  11. by   FYG03
    Originally posted by J-RN student
    *****!? :chuckle
    there is nothing worse than a bad perm.
  12. by   J-RN student
    It was about the story :chuckle
  13. by   FYG03
    whoops..i meant to quote dschlatet
    and eye rolling is not allowed! didn't you read the story!
  14. by   J-RN student
    I'm a baaad girl!