Thinking about Gastric Bypass...Advice?

  1. I am thinking about having gastric bypass surgery and I am wondering if anyone has had this surgery and what life is like post surgery. I known 2 people that have had it and one is doing really well and the other was doing not so well. (I think she was part to blame drinking a full can of diet coke 1 week after) If you respond, could you please tell me what helped you make the finial decision and what I should/could expect pain wise immediately after the surgery. THANKS!
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  3. by   bbcewalters
    I have been working on a Gastric Bypass floor for about a year now....I have many reservations about the surgery, and the program that the hospital sets up for the patient before and after surgery. It is imperitive that there are good programs in place.
    If these programs are in place I would talk to the patients that have had the surgery and what there outcomes and experiences were.
    With that all said, are you planning open or lap Gastric. Recovery is different for both. Also it is physician dependant on how post ops are handled.

    Best case on my floor is a fresh post op for lap Gastric will be NPO untill day 2when they will have a swallow study and check for leaks. If they pass. They will be on gastric bypass clear liquid no concentrated sweets diet. Patients will be taken off IV fluids and pain meds this day also.....
    If all goes well and pt has no fever/infection issues and has passed gas and had a BM pt will go home post op day 3.

    All of this is very dependant on the patient getting up out of bed and moving............There will be pain, but to keep the sat's up and temp down YOU MUST GET OUT OF BED....
    If you need any specifics answered please PM me
  4. by   THOMP974
    Tha Dr said that I could have a lap not an open. this is what both of my friends had also.
  5. by   ktwlpn
    I know many WLS patients-some have had a few complications but all are pleased with the procedures they had.They have had significant improvements in their co-morbidities.I had the lap/band done in June-after lots of research that was the procedure I am most comfortable with.The wt.loss is much slower.The band has to heal in place for 6 weeks (per my surgeon) before they can start filling it via the port that sits under the fascia on the left side of the abdomen.It can take some time to get the right amount of fill that works for each patient and I am looking forward to that day.You need fill in the band to have the restriction that gives you appetite suppression.This method is only restrictive as opposed to malabsorptive but it does change your eating habits for the rest of your life.....My fellow lap/banders were in the hospital one night-we all had the same surgeon.I had pain but I had a PCA pump and it was wonderful.I was up to the bathroom the minute I got to my room and ambulating.I was only taking regular tylenol by day 3 post-op(had amanicure and pedicure the afternoon after my surgery).My gastric bypass buddies were in ICU over night-they all had some type of central lines and drains.They all had good pain control with PCA pumps and after discharge took narcs for 3 to 5 days as needed ......None of the methods are magic-you have to 'work" them all.I know patients of both methods whom have defeated their procedures and are back where they started because they were non-compliant. As for me-I have tried numerous diets and excercise programs with only short term success -and always gain back what I lost plus more.I've got a buffet of co-morbities (htn,gerd,sleep apnea,high cholesterol, chronic depression) but the clincher for me was the admission to the LTC of a morbidly obese woman-She's my age-I don't want to end up in a nursing home in a double wide wheelchair at the age of 48.She's had a cva,she's also insulin dependent and she has NO dignity.Every where she goes her weight has to be accommodated.Extra wide stretchers,shower chairs,xtra large hospital gowns,bariatric bed-she has to be weighed on the laundry scale.All she thinks about is her next mouthful of food because now that's truly all she has left.She is NOT living-I would rather Be dead. I thought about this for over 2 yrs-then when my big butt would not fit in my favorite roller coaster any longer I decided to go for a consult.That was the middle of April-I had my insurance clearance by the beginning of June. I'll give you some good links to help you with your research.Good luck with whatever you decide. Also Yahoo! hhas lots of groupd dealing with WLS
  6. by   Aradien
    I had a gastric bypass (Roux n Y) procedure on August 2, 2005. I have since lost over 125 lbs. I started off at 300 lbs and now weigh 155. I used to be a size 26 W and now am able to wear size 8 misses petite (I have short legs). I had the procedure done laparoscopically. I did have a PCA but did not use it. Was ambulating within 18 hours and only needed acetaminophen for pain once I was home.

    The reason I finally chose gastric bypass was because when I went to an informational at the nursing school I am attending, I got stuck in one of the desks. I was so embarrassed! I realized that nursing school would be very difficult if not darn near impossible to attend at my size (300 lbs). I had been morbidly obese for 15 years and tried everything.

    I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and plus share pictures with you if you would care to PM me.

    Good luck to you.

  7. by   jade-athyst
    I am a nurse, and I had gastric bypass (Roux n Y) in 2003. I have type II diabetes and was taking huge amounts of insulin. I weighed just under 300 lbs. I had developed the first signs of neuropathy in my legs ad my doctor said, if I didn't want to end up with severe complications, I had 2 choices, go on the insulin pump, or lose the weight. The surgery was a breeze, less painful than the gall-bladder removal I'd had the year before. The first few weeks were hell, as far as the diet is concerned, but then it wasn't so bad.
    I NEVER felt hungry, which I hadn't even known was an effect of the surgery! Within 8 months I'd lost nearly 100 lbs! My diabetes was virtually gone. A weird part of it was that I couldn't see the weight loss in myself. I would look in the mirror and not see any difference. I actually had to ask a couple people very close to me, "am I still a fat person? If you saw me on the street, would you see me as a fat person, or just normal?" It was weird. It was this whole body image thing, and it started to fade after a while.
    I spent about 6 months at this weight, and then it started coming back on. Now, I weigh 225, only about 50 lbs. less than I had originally. My diabetes is back, and I look like a "fat person" again. When I look back at that breif time in my life when I was at a normal weight, it seems like it was all a dream. I only have a couple photos of myself at that time, and now when I look at them, I just want to cry.
    Part of the problem was my own fault. I never experienced the "dumping syndrome" that you've probably heard so much about, and I gradually started eating sweets again. I also had a complication right after the surgery that resulted in A LOT of vomiting, which stretched out one of the newly narrowed valves, allowing more food to pass through. This is gonna sound crazy, but as fleeting as it was, that short time at a normal weight was worth the whole ordeal. (I have been overweight since early childhood, and had never had the chance to just feel "normal") So my advice to you is, go for it! Have the surgery and do eveything they tell you to. But the second you start to feel like you might be losing control, talk to your Dr., nutritionist or whoever. Don't throw away your chance at a new life, like I did.

    Good Luck To You