Think my kid has tonsillitis....

  1. I think my 13 y/o has tonsillitis. Running a low grade temp, hoarse throat, general malaise. This kid NEVER gets sick. Can't remember the last time I had him in for an illness. (Now stitches and Xrays are a different story....). Have an appointment with the doc for 3pm for him....Why do kids always get sick when the weather/roads are lousy, the middle of the night or during a three day weekend? Must be some kind of sixth sense they have.....:roll
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  3. by   kristi915
    I was always getting sick when I had my tonsils, I got strep throat tons of times and once I got tonsillitis those babies were gone! It wasn't that bad either, well, it wouldn't of been too bad if the doctor didn't cut my tongue twice!! You can't eat ice cream because it makes you phlemy, the medicine is nasty, and the steriods they put in my IV made me sick, but other than that it was ok. I don't get sick as much, haven't had strep throat (don't know if that has anything to do w/ my tonsils or not)