There goes our Christmas day plans...

  1. "Outside the snow is falling and relatives are calling, Yoooo-whoooo diner is cancelled!" Thanks to this lovely weather we're having, our Christmas dinner at my SIL's in Norristown, PA was postponed until Sunday. The only thing in my 'frig is a steak...Looks like we'll be firing up the grill and doing cow instead of turkey ...and to think I had three more days to finish my shopping. {{{SIGH}}} Gee, I wonder if anything is opened today like maybe a resturant or a diner even. Maybe McDonald's???? This is the first year I didn't buy the kids any board games so we can play them or video games so we can fight over them. We'll fight over the computer, the TV, the DVD player. As I listen to the radio, there are numerous accidents everywhere! As I look out my window the tree branches are all frozen I'm thankful just to have my family close to me today. Oh well, there's always next year...I can hardly wait!!! Anyone else have their Christmas day plans botched???
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    Hubby, son, and I usually do our Christmas with my mom Christmas morning, pancakes and all. We're kinda on hold right now.....

    Hubby just took a test run and said we should "wait awhile." Coming from him, that's not good. He loves driving in this crap.

    It's a shame too..... we always get the loot from my mom!

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  4. by   hoolahan
    Well, I was up til 2am finishing the cooking, for brunch at 11am. When we went to bed, ther was a lovely layer of very wet snow on the ground, but when we woke up at 8am, it was just rain, washng away all the pretty snow. Everyone made it here aok, then left about 3 when it started to sleet, now it is snowing full force, we are only supposed to ge 1-3".

    It is nice to have a white Christmas, but I have a very early am appt tomorrow, w a real b-buster pt, and I am sure he won't show, esp if I drive thru wretched weather to get there by 9am!

    I am loving that we can now kick back, eat leftovers, and my grandmother, who had her panties wedged way up in her azz, is back at home!! Talk about tense!!!
  5. by   renerian
    Two of my kids could not get here either so we are meeting sunday. Makes a fun week longer which is nice.

  6. by   Pretzlgl
    My husband's dad got called in to work tonight - so dinner is canceled. Had lunch w/ them though - now it's time to open the wine! woohoo...Merry Christmas everyone!
  7. by   BadBird
    I cooked our feast Christmas Eve, we went to BIL today, the roads were so-so, we left about 4pm due to the snow & rain, but now we are home safely, eating more turkey, playing with our gadgets, time to open the champagne and just relax. Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. by   night owl
    We made a snowman and snowoman and had a snowball fight and even went sleigh riding...what a fun day to be able to share with my family, but I'll pay for it tomorrow! Had our steak diner too. Thanx for reminding me, I have a bottle of wine from 1990! I'll crack that open kick back and really enjoy Christmas watching Austin Powers in "Goldmember" on the new DVD player. I had a truely blessed Christmas and to tell you the truth, I'm glad it snowed so that I could spend it with just my kids and my hubby. The kids will soon be grown and out of the house so to me, this was the best present I could have received. Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. by   rncountry
    Started snowing about 10p last night here, didn't make Midnight Mass this year, went to the 5p services instead because of the weather coming. It snowed all night long and most of the day. Called my sister who was coming from Kalamazoo, an hour away, to ask if she would going to be able to make it. She told me should would call at noon. By then the roads had been cleared enough for her to get here.
    Everyone left about a half an hour ago, opened the wine and decided to check on everyone here.
    The weather may not coorperate for everyone, but better a late Christmas then someone injured or worse in a car accident. Held my kids back by an hour from going to their dad's house because of the snow, wanted the snow plow to come through at least one more time before they headed out.
    Merry Christmas to all!

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