The World Cup.

  1. I've taken Heather's advice and started a soccer thread. England beat Argentina today, for the first time since 1966. The US team caused an upset the other day, by winning against one of the more fancied teams, and may even get through to the second round...My team, of course, is sitting this one out.......Now don't all rush to post!
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  3. by   Ted
    I think soccor is a cool sport. I wish it was as popular as baseball in the US.

    I don't follow sport much . . . actually not at all. (My loss.) But I think I'll keep an eye out on who wins The World Cup.

  4. by   Ted
    I know that this is a little off topic here but. . . .

    Whenever I think of the words "cup" and "sports" together I think of the hard-plastic device male athletes us to protect their. . . "Family Jewels" . . .

    Imagine, if you will, the "World Cup"

    Just a thought. . .

  5. by   NurseDennie

    England! England! England!!!

    David Beckham!!


  6. by   donmurray
    Beckham took the penalty well, but the guy who earned it, Michael Owen, has an option of a future career as a "diving" coach!.....Brazil looked cool as ever today, they appear so laid back..Ronaldo saunters to the ball, and it explodes toward the goal 50 yards away......China hadn't a chance....Italy seem to have lost their cynical way. It looked like a standard 1-0 win for them till Croatia upset things with 2 goals..oops! Having 2 good goals disallowed didn't help though!
  7. by   dcottrill
    I have a good friend who is from Argentina. Man....those folks take their "football" seriously!!!!!!!
  8. by   semstr
    France is going home, I am absolutely sure about that!! How nice!!

    Not only Owen is a great player, but I really like that (how do you say that correct?) Afro-English guy, OMG, senior moment.............
    ok, a young one................ ah,forget it!

    Who is going to win? I tipped on Spain today.

    take care, Renee
  9. by   Whisper
    world cup fever, or football itus has hit hard here
    Most cars that go past, have got at least one flag on them, I would love England to get to the finals but that may be a distant dream failing that I would like Ireland to get quite far just so that they can stick their tounges out at Roy Keane.
  10. by   donmurray
    semstr, I know the Dutch didn't get there, but Holland did! Matt Holland scored Ireland's winner the other day! You may be right about France, with 2 suspensions, and Zidane still injured, it doesn't look good for them. None of the favourites have been outstanding. Japan are going well, they look odd with all those "blonde" players! The Russian reaction to their defeat was appalling! (in Moscow I mean)
  11. by   Whisper
    I think France has no chance of surving this round, they have been battered by everyone they played, Incluiding the USA!

    The only thing that is worrying me is that when the typhoons hit, the island that the English team is based on, will be cut off from where they will be playing, sounds like a managerial mess to me!
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by efiebke
    Whenever I think of the words "cup" and "sports" together I think of the hard-plastic device male athletes us to protect their. . . "Family Jewels" . . .
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
  13. by   donmurray
  14. by   Whisper
    3-0 To Ireland
    Oh and back to 'cups' Beckham probably wouldn't have minded one of those in training the other week, It certainly made a few eyes water!