The Washington/Virginia Sniper

  1. I am pretty sure most people in America have heard about this guy by now, but for those in other countries, we have a guy who has been terrorizing washington DC area and Virginia by random shootings. He has killed 9 or ten people now, the most recent an FBI computer person, woman. A 13-yr old was killed by a school yard, a man while pumping gas, the FBI employee while at a Home Depot store loading purchases into the trunk of the car w her husband.

    No one has really seen him, just know he's in a white and/or cream colored van and hits places which are very close to major interstates.

    So, and again, not sure if you have these types of TV programs in other countries, but I for one am addicted to those real crime solving shows, like on discovery channel. The Real Detectives, and a few more I don't even know the titles to, but I love the forensics.

    Anyway, I have been wondering, what type of profile would you make of this guy?

    There was a taroh card, the death card, which does not mean death but I forget what, found at one, possibly more, of the scenes. Apparently the police didn't want that fact leaked, either that or they are planting a trap by deliberately "leaking" it. I know my local police force used the newspapers to plant a trap before VERY successfully!

    So, what's up w this guy?

    I definitely do NOT think he is an al qaida (sp?) terrorist. Let's face it, we have enough nuts in our own country. And their style is to eliminate masses of people in one hit, never just a few here and there. I think for the Bush admin to try and assoc it with that terrorism is a flimsy attempt to gain support for war.

    (Hubby has his own theory on that, he feels little B is making up for big B's mistakes. Hubby says Big B had Saddam Hussein "in his grip" and let him get away. I have no idea what the heck he's talking about, but nodded my head like I did!?)

    I think the guy has been rejected, maybe dishonorably d/c from an armed service. Lost his family, maybe due to mental illness, and that is why he takes out "family members. He takes a child away from the parents, a wife away from a husband, a father away from a family, etc... And definitely a man, a woman gets more personal when killing I think, at least that is what most of the profilers on these shows say.

    I also think it's possible that he is mocking the whole coporate America thing by using the very thing that is supposed to attract shoppers, easy access of highway system, against them. It IS affecting the economy. People have been on the news saying they are gasing up in Delaware if traveling, to avoid having to stop in Maryland or Virginia.

    So what do you think? Let's play FBI profilers and figure this guy out! Not that I think of it as a game at all, I think FBI profilkers have a horriblely stressful job of getting into the minds of psycho's, and provide invaluable assistance to solving crimes.
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  3. by   Mkue
    Here's my profile on him: he's 25-35, caucasion, anti-social, weighs < 200 lbs., he might be a wanna be military sniper, or wanted to be at one tme. He's definately trying to prove something to himself, at this point he's not trying to be caught but he has gotten sloppy.

    He may frequent a shooting range or has his own set up somewhere if he lives outside of a city.

    Just hope they find him asap
    Good profile Marie! Just would want to add that he's a social outcast, and was probably one of those kids shamelessly targeted by fierce bullies in school. My guess is he quit school, and it's the lack of education that's keeping him from the military. He probably ALWAYS wears army fatigues and subscribes to "Guns $ Ammo."

    I always fancied myself Clarice Starling when I was a teenager

  5. by   PennyLane
    I'm in Baltimore and so scared one day we're gonna hear that he's up here. Thankfully I don't have any friends or family down near DC. But still....I'm just a short hop away.

    I think he's the quiet-neighbor-next-door type. Lives in the suburbs, alone. Has a really boring life, boring job, and no one knows that his secret hobby is riflery.
  6. by   karenG
    I am in England and the news about the sniper is in all the headlines. I do hope that they catch him soon- he seems to be enjoying playing cat and mouse with the FBI.

    wonder if he is ex special services, thrown out for bad behavour and expressing his anger in this way!

    hope he doesn't read this thread!!!

  7. by   semstr
    well sure it is on the news here too, even German and Austrian profilers interviews on tv, they all more or less say the same things: very disturbed personality, probably ex-military, in his 20 or 30, not married or divorced (might be the reason?) and doesn't care about race or gender.
    I only hope that nobody else is going to get the same idea! Wherever on this world!
    Thinking about you in that area, take extra care, Renee
  8. by   live4today
    I hope he doesn't show up in the states where my kids and grandkids live.

    I think he is connected to the Al Queda network. I also have a hunch that he is going by the scripture that says one shall be taken and the other left: a husband and wife will be together, and one will be taken, a mother will be separated from her child, and so forth. My husband also thinks he is associated with the Al Queda network. We both hope can't rule that out just because a mass murder isn't occurring right now.

    I see his hits as a "distraction" to keep the police busy while other terrorists are roaming freely in the open preparing to strike our country again. It's just a gut feeling that I have.....I sure hope I am dead wrong about all this, too.
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WEll I worry with all the coverage (and no, I don't know how to temper it) we will see "copycats" sooner or later. How I quake for you DC citizens, and my heart is w/you. I hope they catch this maniac soon. He strikes fear the way Son Of Sam did all those years ago.....very disturbing.
  10. by   Lausana
    Good Stuff you guys!

    I'd say he's caucasian, 20-25, very average appearance, medium build, not bulky-possibly wears glasses or contacts in everyday life or has a physical trait that has disqualified him from being apart of the military special service that he wanted to be in.

    I also guess he's a transplant from the midwest...if he's got an interest in the military or was a part of it, it brought him to the East Coast. Leaving home to be apart of something & get away from homelife, but maybe it didn't work out as planned. I think his targets are "random" but he's chosen that person for a "reason" to make a statement as he sits in wait for the right time...they were all people he could have watched for a couple minutes.

    I hope they can get a description soon...
  11. by   l.rae
    He is either another McVeigh or AlQueda......either way a loser...and l wonder too is this is a ''distraction''......LR
    I just don't think it's terrorist related. It's just some f*cked up guy with a grudge or some seriously misdirected anger. I don't think al-Qaueda would bother with such a small scale operation. Now, if it were happening in cities ALL OVER THE US, then I would think that.

  13. by   NurseDennie
    I think he's younger. Like a teen. Maybe not even old enough to drive legally.

    I think he might be a gamer. Learned from the shoot-em-up games instead of from the military.


  14. by   hoolahan
    OMG cheerful, I got chills up and down my spine when you said that. I pray you are wrong wrong wrong on that, too scary to even think about!

    Very interesting Dennie. I think the more heads on this the better. Maybe someone would come up w something that is actually helpful enough to call in?? Who knows?