The Washington Post reveals 911 scandals todays news

  1. Click on www.washington down to 911 article. It is a seven column report about how $$$ 2 billion, 300 thousand dollars has been raised by 6 charities and only 29 cents of each dollar has been given to the survivors. I was listening to Bill O 'Reilly's show this afternoon. He had one of the Washington columnists' on his program. They were really blasting the charities, especially the Red Cross, which still has half of its' donations in the bank. They did say that each firefighter family has received more than a million dollars each. They said their are many irregularitiesand abuses. The charities are using some of the $$$ for "corporate meetings", limo's, hotels, airfares, fancy restaurants ("They don't eat at McDonalds")...and $30,000 was diverted to a New York City Jewish Museum to teach Islamic sensitivity to a couple of local high school classes. Wouldn't you think you could send the rabbi over to the school for a couple of lectures for less than $30,000.00 ??? Other abuses were discussed.
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