The Value of the Older Generation

  1. We have silver in our hair.
    We have gold in our teeth.
    We have stones in our kidney.
    We have lead in our feet.
    and..... We are loaded with natural gas.
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Does that make the older folks our "natural resource"?
    If so, maybe we should stake a claim for their "mineral rights".
  4. by   eltrip
    Quote from Franemtnurse
    and..... We are loaded with natural gas.
    My question is, how do we collect it? We could significantly reduce greenhouse gasses with a collection method. And just think, we could reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources at the same time!!!
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Maybe jnette will come around and regale us with tales of football time in the house with male testosterone pumping up