The Saddest Halloween....

  1. Well, among all the other havock created by terrorism, our Halloween was very sad this year.

    Of course my town is where the first anthrax letter originated, so our postal service has been marginal if at all some days. We save up our bills and drive over to Pa to mail them so we are sure they will go out. So, maybe that explains it. Then there were reports, whether bogus or not, of a man returning a large amt of candy to a retailer store, so everyone suspected the candy was tainted. I almost didn't give any out myself, but at the last minute, I thought, NO WAY! Ran out to Walmart and got all the fixings, but it was the first year I never made a jackolatern since I was about 12 years old!! Been crazy with the new job.

    Anyway, my dtr was going to go bowling with her friends, turns out it was league night, so then when she suggested they go T&T'ing, the other moms would not let their kids go! We always have a poor turnout of T&Ter's , but this year we only had our doorbell ring about 5 times the whole night!!!

    How was your turnout? Did you let your kids go out? Do you think we'll ever feel safe again??
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    Halloween was indeed very sad this year. We noticed it the minute we stepped outside, hardly any porch lights were on. We have a set route we take, and my boys bag is usually full. It's probably about 1/3 - 1/2 full.

    Then there is my paranoia. I bought some candy. Pulled a switcheroo while he took off his costume. I may still let him keep it, we live in nice, safe neighborhood. But I'm not sure yet.

    As for handing out, we usually go out for an hour, then come back for an hour. In that hour we usually see 1-2 dozen kids (we're at the end of a dead end street). We had ONE kid this year....

    So sad.

    On a brighter note, my son had the most awesome costume this year! I'll post it when I get the pics developed!

  4. by   nur20
    Yes it was sad, but i haven't given out candy in years, since, if anyone remembers, they were putting razorblades and other objects in the candy. That was some combination tho, FULL MOON, HALLOWEEN and TERRORIST !!!!
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Our Halloween was sad for a different reason: 13 yo son /youngest had tonsils and adnoids out yesterday AM as school off today + tomorrow form. At the hospital 6:30 AM--child up at 4AM, he couldn't sleep. Surgeon stated was much worse than expected as 50 CC pus behind adenoids....... also caught viral infection prior week so on 10 days Amoxil. No wonder he had 3 months of strep throat last year and needed Rifampin to kill it.

    Oldest had allergy shot, he and Dad then reushed to hospital, we ate there then they dashed home to put Joey's ' Sorcerr's " carved pumpkin outside and give out candy getting home at 7 PM. Only saw 12 kids--each got 5 bars.

    Had ceramic pumpkin in hospital with tea light...all ready to light when remembered son's O2 setup still in the room. They had party for 11 kids on Peds unit, Joey came home with deluxe goodie bag.

    They were swell at the hospital. "Doctors kept waking me up" all night checking for bleeding. Corrected that misperception quickly this AM. They were aggressive with pain mgmt/ice too. Thank you Fitzgerald Mercy Nurses, Darby, PA ! He know knows why nurses rule!
  6. by   nilepoc
    I worked for halloween, and it sucked. The trauma's kept rollen and then we even had a bomb scare that was bad enough to make us start to evacuate patients before it was found to be a fake bomb. Also had a death.

    Anyway, hope you had a better halloween.

  7. by   aimeee
    Gee, I am sorry to hear so many of you had awful Halloween nights! (Karen-I hope your son is mending well today!) My daughter is down with the sore throat/cough/temp that has been going around here today but we had a lovely halloween yesterday. Sunny day, balmy shirt sleeve weather, beautiful full moon, and throngs of trick-or-treaters, my own two offspring among them. Afterwards they gathered with their friends, dumped everything out on the floor and the trading began. (I cornered all the milkduds...nobody else wanted them, can you imagine that?!)
  8. by   CATHYW
    Nilepoc-bummer night! Never liked holidays of any kind in the ER-they were always wild. Add in a full moon, and I'll bet it was monstrous! For some reason, folks never respected the fact that it was a holiday, when it came their time to check out-they died just as regularly as on other days. Christmas deaths were the worst, for some reason.
    Karen, hope your son is better-went through that years ago with my daughter-it took over 6 mos. to get the continual ear/tonsil infections cleared up enough to do the surg! No probs since, though-she is 30 now!
    Hoolihan,bummer about the mail, but I guess you just can't be too careful these days. In the days before anthrax, razorblades, and needles, folks gave out homemade candies, candied applies, popcorn balls, etc., in addition to "store-bought" stuff. It is so sad to see what things have evolved down to. In our mountain area, most folks are quite remote, so we have a Fall Festival on Halloween at one of the churches, with games and treats for the kids. Maybe that is what we will have to do for our kids/grandkids, from now on-pick a safe place for them, and have parties where they can dress up, play games, and have treats.
    My daughter debated until almost the last minute about taking my almost 5 yr. old grandson-wound up going to the store, buying his favorite foods, and eating them by candycorn candlelight, and getting a basket of baby Reece cups and Twix.
    Such a shame, but we want our loved ones to be safe.
  9. by   BeachNurse
    We had a great Halloween also! The weather was wonderful, about 69 degrees, perfect. There were a good number of kids out. My kids brought home like 10lbs of candy in their pillowcases!! Their pile of "don't likes" included Snickers, M&M's, Butterfingers, Milky Ways, and yes, Milk Duds. I had a whole bagful to bring into work so that they won't be around to tempt me.
  10. by   Jenny P
    We have usually had anywhere from 50- 100 kids in past years here, so I'd bought 4 bags of candy (3 types of chocolate and 1 Wonka mix). We had all of maybe 15 T&T'ers, and they all had parents standing out on the street waiting for them-- even the 5th- 6th grade boys!!! I was disappointed to say the least; my neighbor works in a mall and she said that they had so few people in the mall it wasn't worth even being open last evening!
    I do miss the good old days!
  11. by   prmenrs
    I live about a mile from the border, and we usually get kids from Tiajuana by the vanload. We'd have a major traffic thing on our small street.

    But this year, hardly anything!! It takes too long get across the border since 9-11, and the kids in our development didn't come out either--222 condo units, an average of 2 kids per household. We have SO much candy leftover!!

    Any body have a recipe for candy bar casserole?
  12. by   thisnurse
    this was the first time in 24 years i have not bought any pumpkins or decorated for halloween.
    last year i had no trick or treaters but i decorated anyway because my stepson was moved in with us. he was unimpressed.
    this year none of our kids went trick or treating and im really sick of living in this neighborhood so i didnt even bother. again we had no trick or treaters.
    and yes was very sad.
  13. by   Robin61970
    We went to our ex's neighborhood(yes I call her our ex cause i deal with her as much as he does,lol) and there were kids everywhere!! I saw only a few alone. The one thing that irritated me though were the parents who drove their child from house to house.....they would get out walk to the door...get back in the car and then drive 15 feet to the next driveway. It was a pain to try to get around the cars walking our kids. It was a pretty good turn out here.....thank goodness.........quite a few churches had things for the kids too......

    On the bad side.........we got home and my two stepchildren were ill most of the night......there is a stomach virus hitting here and they caught it. I don't think I have ever cleaned up so much vomit in my life, least no one else caught it(fingers crossed and knocking on wood). They are better now though, and before anyone asks...I am sure it wasn't the candy....

    Hope all gets better for you all
  14. by   Furball
    We had a great halloween. There seemed to be even more kids out trick or treating than usual. I was a bit worried. But then I live in a small farming community where everyone is at least familiar with everyone else. One neighbor carved many pumpkins with a single letter each, it read " have a great and safe halloween" It looked wonderful all lit up on her porch. One thing was missing though..... I didn't see a single INCH of toilet paper, or drip of smashed eggs. I saw ONE smashed