The Right Time is Now....dedicated to ALL my allnurse friends..especially Nurserachet

  1. a while back, nurserachet(sp)started a thread about the signature lines we all use and remarked how my ''steel on steel'' line struck her. l promised to print out the whole song sometime...well, l've been gone the past week, on vacation, no access to allnurses. and when l came back to catch up on sunday, the evidence of disharmony and strife littered practically the whole bb...just bits and pieces....not enough to piece together the whole story.....reminded me of walking down the coast road at myrtle beach the day after hugo,'s to all my allnurse is my hope that this thread may be utilized for us to reflect and comment on our positive thoughts toward each other..........
    (song written by bill gaither)...l think....

    no one said that this was a picnic...
    bumping with you is like hitting the wall.
    but you've knocked off some of my rough edges,
    so l'm gonna hang for the long long haul...

    we're not known for holding back oppinions..
    l got my knack for invading your space.
    and l ain't afraid of cleaning your carpet
    and i ain't afraid of getting in your face.

    when the smoke clears...
    l know you're my brother/sister
    we'll follow this through to the bitter end.
    lf we stick around, we might've learned something...
    something bout how to be a good friend.

    l really need what you bring to the party..
    differences here ain't no big deal.
    cause all this rub just makes us better,
    we sharpen each other like steel on steel.....

    ....peace everybody...l'm off to work...after all, it is labor you
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  3. by   live4today
    I love that song, Leah! The words are so fitting for what has been happening on the BB lately.

    That song should become our Allnurses Song...poem...motto for getting along...and practiced in action, not just in words. Thanks for taking the time to share it here, and have a great day at work today! Labor on, Sister Leah! Your nursing labor is very much appreciated! :kiss :kiss :kiss
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks for sharing.
  5. by   moonchild20002000
    Love the words to the song!

    Great suggestion Renee!
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    That is a great song, l.rae! And so appropriate! Thanks so much for remembering .