The Reunion

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    A man stumbled up to the only other patron in a bar
    and asked if he could buy him a drink. "Why, ofcourse,"
    came the reply. The first man then asked, "Where are
    you from?" "I'm from Ireland," replied the second man.
    The first man responded: "You don't say, I'm from Ireland
    too! Let's have another round to Ireland." "Of course,"
    said the second. Curious, the first asked: "Where in
    Ireland?" "Dublin," came the reply."I can't believe it,
    Me too! Lets have another round of drinks to Dublin."
    "Of course" Curious, he second man couldn't help but ask,
    "What school did you attend?" "Saint Mary's",replied the
    first man. "I graduated in '62." "This is becoming
    unbelievable!!!" They said in unison.

    About that time, in came one of the regulars and sat
    down at the bar. "What's up?" he ased the bartender.
    "Nothing much," replied the bartender. "The Kelley twins are drunk again!" __________________________________________________ _______________
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  3. by   nekhismom
    ha ha!!! :chuckle:
  4. by   caffine addict
    Ha Ha Ha

    I gotta call my dad right away and tell him this one

    He loves a good Irish joke
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