The Race is on

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    The Race is on
    Sunday June 20, 2004

    Hardly apropos to the current political climate and the race for the White House, 2004, is the following factoid that will, with the passage of a very few years become significant; a recent survey conducted among 3,572 adults at the University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey showed that if you pitted Sen. Hillary Clinton against George W. Bush in the current race, 78% of Democrats, around half of the independents and 7% of Republicans would vote for her! Funny thing is, when that poll was taken Sen. John Kerry received almost an identical amount of support.

    For the past three months our president has been battering the challenger, John Kerry, with some powerfully accusatory, effectively produced, commercials The man and his team have personally engaged the opponent far earlier in the campaign than any of his predecessors. Negative, negative, negative portrayals, hoping to create the image of a challenger who flip-flops on ideas, lacking resolve and all round the wrong fellow for the job of president. The campaign which takes a temporary surcease has cost the re-election campaign fully $85 million. That is a whacking great amount of campaign money ...but Republicans, remain undaunted, the pockets are deep and the Fort-Knox-like campaign funds are more than are needed for the job, from Mr. Bush's perspective..

    My own response ...after all the spending the race for the White House is still extremely close.

    My favorite line of John Kerry's to the moment is, "The United States should never go to war because we want to. We should only go to war because we have to." I'd relish hearing an articulate, ad lib comment in response from the 43rd President to the Vietnam heroes statement ...but then I'd appreciate an original, cogent, satisfactory answer to anything controversial and important from our president, at any time. Speaking again of surveys, a study issued a few months back showed that of those who watch mostly Fox TV fully 80% believed at least one of three misconceptions.

    That Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were united.

    That the United Nations approved the United States intervention and war in Iraq.

    That WMD (Weapons of mass-distraction!) had been found.

    It would appear that that phenomenally high percentage - 80%- comes about as a result of Fox News being "fair and balanced."...and wrong.

    Mr. President, I certainly respect the fact that you are doing what you consider best for this country. It isn't good enough, but I don't doubt your sincerity for one moment. 15 months have passed since you ordered the invasion of Iraq - to paraphrase your predecessor, speaking of sex, in his case... He did it because he could! I have believed, from day one, that you determined to attack Iraq, because you could. You certainly couldn't go against Saudi Arabia (we all know why) even though they have provided the vast majority of the terrorists. And we know North Korea has nuclear weaponry, so we can't attack them. The same might apply to Iran. Iraq was a sure thing.

    It is less than five months before you face the voters at home.You are a Divider...Not a Uniter.