The prez's long awaited speech on a Palestinian state....presented today, ".......

  1. The presidents' "vision" of a homeland and state for the Palestinian's was finally given today. I just read it on AOL. It is being described as "strict" "stiff," "harsh," and a few other negatives I don't recall. Anyway, so many conditions, that it would be impossible to comply with all of them. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out "W." was simply articulating Ariel Sharons' program. (of no Palestinian state)

    At the end of his speech, he did have the presence of mind to tell the Palestinians he is sorry they are still living in refugee camps. ( for the past 54 years)

    I hope those of you interested in ending terrorism here and abroad, interested in Mideast peace, and a balanced foreign affairs program, will read the presidents' speech on the net or in tomorrows' papers. The analysts' commentaries should be enlightening.
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  3. by   fergus51
    I think the wierd thing was that it was the Israelis that were worried they would take all the flack but then it turned out to be fine for them. I am not all that sympathetic to the Palestinian Authority anymore, but even I thought it was a rather strict proposal.

    I do agree that no peace process has much chance of succeeding with Arafat though. Or Sharon for that matter... It's a sick ball of wax.
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  5. by   Mkue
    Thanks for the link.

    I liked the speech.

  6. by   donmurray
    This speech could have been written by Sharon..The Palestinians are more likely to rally round Arafat than before, as he is now the "victim" of attacks by both Israel and the US.
    It seems that there are different levels of democracy as percieved by the White House. Palestinian democracy is not good enough, because it elected Arafat. Israeli democracy is fine, but may be a tiny touch too aggressive. American democracy is unsurpassed, but best not mention Florida. Palestine is being told to create the first western-style democracy in the Arab world, on the promise of a possible state, some time in the future, with uncertain borders, and no guarantees. Yeah, right!
    I'll try to post a It's a UK national daily.
  7. by   prn nurse
    You've hit the nail on the head, Don. I was reading the paper last night and there was an article with five small maps showing Israel's borders in 1947....the land allotted to it. Then , each of the small maps showed the changes thru the years, how Israeli aggression had altered their borders (Israel increased in size) and how Israel had affected the Palestinian refugee camp borders.

    In other words, it showed how Israel has been carrying on aggression and war for 55 years! Much longer than most people on this board would recall...longer than their parents would recall !

    Israel never had to meet any "conditions" for becoming a country. It was all handed to them. The U.S. was the first country to "recognize" Israel as a genuine sovereign state, a real country....with a check..$$$. The other countries of the world were pi**ed off.

    I think it is an outrage,..the "conditions" Palestinians would have to meet to be considered for a sovereign state.

    I think Bush has basically told the Israeli's they can take out Arafat now.
  8. by   fergus51
    In all fairness, it wasn't only Israeli agression that led to their expansion, there was that little matter of Arab army buildups and attacks too. The countries of the UN voted to recognize Israel as a state and we need to move on from there.

    I don't think this will ever be resolved until the "you started it" comments stop. There is enough blame to go around on all sides in this one. Sure, Sharon's a war criminal and Arafat's a terrorist... blah, blah, blah.... but now what? What are either of them willing to do NOW to encourage peace in the region? I haven't seen anything from either of them to lead me to believe that they really want a meaningful peace process.
  9. by   donmurray
    I suspect that the "Vision" is a device to get GWB out of engaging in something he had no wish to get involved with in the first place. He will now be able to say that he has offered a solution, but they would not accept it!
  10. by   Dplear
    PRN show me a map dated before 1948 that shows a Palastinian Country. You will not find such a map. I, as a non jew am really sick and tired of your anti Semitism and US bashing here in these boards. Get a life

  11. by   prn nurse
    Dplear: Did I say a Palestinian country or Palestinian refugee camps? Two different things. I wrote what was in the newspaper article. The 5 maps all showed the Palestinian refugee camp areas. The borders for Israel and the refugee camps both changed with each of Israel 's wars.

    PM me your address and I will send you the article.

    I have a very interesting life.
    Not stressed and overworked as I believe you said you were, as having a mid-management position in a major medical center in a major hot, Southern city, and working 60-90 hours a week was taking its' toll.

    I average 24 hours a week and have been off a total of three months so far this year.

    I will be off all of July for a major vacation.

    And September will bring two weeks to see the Aspens in their golden brilliance, where else? in Aspen.

    Sorry you see my statements as anti-Semitic. Two of my dearest, closest, and longest friends are Houston Jews, plus one in Beaumont.

    A strong Palestinian state will ensure the future of Israel. The stronger the Palestinians, the more peace and stability in the middle east. That's why I believe we should give both groups seven billion dollars a year.

    And not make the conditions for a Palestinian sovereign state so strict, harsh, hateful, "conditional" that they will be impossible for the Palestinians to attain.
  12. by   BeachNurse
    What you stated is true, and I thought it was only in my mind. I have only posted at a couple of times in the past several months after having been a very active member previously. I have never felt such animosity and antisemitism as I have here. I was deeply offended and disturbed by posts that I was reading in this section. Why did I come back?? :imbar
  13. by   Dplear
    I never said I was stressed or overworked. All I am asking is show me a map pre 1948...(no Isreal) that shows a country called Palastine.
  14. by   biscuit_007
    Well I thik isreal is a terrorist nation. They are as much at fault as the Palestinians. Does this make me an anti-semite? I don't think so. Just because someone has a problem with the way a country acts does not mean they have a probem with the people of the country. I personally have no problem with any Jewish person. Heck, I do not know if i have ever met a Jewish person but i do have a problem with Isreal and my country's blind support of them!