The president: a vagal faint or an alcohol-induced loss of balance?

  1. I was listening to a talk show this afternoon and a caller voiced the opinion that he thinks the president was having a few drinks Sunday afternoon while lying on the couch and watching the football game. And instead of a coughing spell and fainting spell, (he wasn't buying that--too lame) , he said their is a rumor out that the president is off the wagon and overdid it yesterday and lost his balance and fell. Especially with the pressure of the Enron and Anderson Accounting Company scandals and investigations getting closer to the oval office. Anyway, the caller questioned the validity of a vagal response to a "pretzel going down the wrong way", and said it is a "cover up". What'd ya think?
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  3. by   3651bht
    my thoughts to myself.. But they are devious....

  4. by   Q.
    I think this type of controversy is in very bad taste in light of our current situation. Are people THAT bored with current events that they need to speculate like this?

    My god.
  5. by   3651bht
    Actually we are..... Funny how we were not bored with Bill

  6. by   Q.
    No, we weren't bored with Slick Willy. But that controversy we didn't have to speculate on...he made that controversy all by himself.
  7. by   3651bht
    our President's health at a time like this.. Full disclosure please... Thank you...........

  8. by   Q.
    Oh geez. Perhaps we should would keep the freakshows who have nothing better to do from babbling up stories.
  9. by   3651bht
    I think Bill was in pretty good health and I hear Monica thought so too.. Besides we weren't AT WAR then so who really cared.. But now it is imperative that we have a strong, decisive, able leader...


    And if we don't he just might forget what he is doing and go for peace....
  10. by   Q.
    Originally posted by 3651bht
    [BBut now it is imperative that we have a strong, decisive, able leader...


    And if we don't he just might forget what he is doing and go for peace.... [/B]
    Are you saying we don't?
  11. by   3651bht
    I bought two pair of reading glasses at the dollar store the other night and if you send me your snail mail address I will send you a pair or look up the word if in that dictionary that nurs4kids uses

  12. by   nurs4kids
    I think it's a pretty silly suggestion from, I'm sure, a democrat. If he DID have a drink, then may I toast to him. I'd much rather have a pres that lives as the people he represents, than one that sits at his desk waiting on his next lewinsky. As for his fears over the whole Enron thing: Fox news was reporting today and so far the investigation all points to Clinton, nothing to Bush. Maybe he really knows nothing about it? Maybe he was drunk when that came up <rolls eyes>.
  13. by   Q.
    Does anyone know what Bobbi was referring to with the reading glasses comment? Forgive me, it is late.

    Also, Bobbi - you're right; with Clinton we weren't at war then...which is why we are at war NOW.

    If he wasn't so busy getting blow jobs we might actually have prevented 9/11 - who knows though right? I mean, it sure must've been peaceful getting a blow job than dealing with the 1991 WTC bomb.

  14. by   3651bht
    who gets picked up for drunk driving like he did when he lived down the road from me several years ago.....I wonder how MADD would feel about that.................


    P.S. Check your facts GEORGE W. BUSH'S administration gave the Taliban yes that very one $45 MILLION dollars in May of 2001 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm